Most people are under the impression that Email marketing is dead. On the contrary, it is still a very effective method of marketing. It has the power to push your prospects and customers to engage with the content that you provide them with. It is also a great tool in terms of lead nurturing and it can be used to help move your prospects up the sales funnel faster.

Even with the growth of digital marketing, social media, and other forms of marketing, E-mail marketing has been able to hold its own and is growing at a fast pace.

As 2018 begins here are a few trends that can help you move ahead of your competition

Recognize the importance of Gmail, filtering contacts on a subscriber level, and morph “deliverability” into “send optimization”

Gone are the days when people from different regions used local email services. More people are opting for the use of Gmail’s mailbox services. As Gmail has begun to become the top mailbox provider it is important that the businesses that choose Email marketing pay attention to how the Gmail mailbox works. As Gmail has a unique way of categorizing the emails based on commercial, global, and subscriber level emails the email marketer must take these factors into consideration as it affects where the email is displayed in the mailbox.

Two factors that are important to consider while sending an email are

  • “Whom” you are sending the email to; you must ask yourself if the subscriber actively responds to your email if they are more involved with the email as compared to other users, and whether they are going to carry out actions that are beneficial for you or not.
  • “How” you send the mail; you have to monitor the frequency at which you send out the mail, the order in which you send the mail, and the time of sending the mail.

Interactive Emails

Your emails should reflect the demographic of customers that you want to reach. Making your emails interactive allows you to be creative while increasing the amount of engagement that you get. Interactive emails are believed to be the next big thing in email marketing hence it is only fitting that you also get on the bandwagon before it is too late.

According to who your customers are you can add image galleries, surveys, quizzes, buttons, or search bars to your marketing emails. The future of promotional emails may see the addition of an add to cart button and carrying out of live polls.

AI Powered Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world, machine learning has helped AI make progress in leaps and bounds. It is only a matter of time that AI will make its way into the world of email marketing. Many companies in the technology sector are already investing millions of dollars into the development of AI that has more functions that can, in turn, make our lives easier. AI can improve Email marketing by suggesting ways in which your Email List can be segmented, sending targeted emails that are more personalized to your prospect, and integrating product suggestions.

Mobile Optimization

Most individuals prefer to check their emails on the go, smartphones have made it possible for your prospects to check their mail anywhere and everywhere. This has made it important to optimize the emails so that they are mobile friendly. It is just a matter of time before responsive technology goes from being “nice to have” to something that you “must have”. Most customers also tend to come to the website through an article as opposed to the homepage hence it is only logical that more emails and articles will be embedded with sign up forms that can help grow your CRM. 2018 is the year in which more email marketers will put in efforts towards making the mobile users experience better.

In conclusion, by following the above trends and integrating them into your email marketing campaign you can improve the result of the campaign.

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