With the advancing business landscape, everything is business is undergoing a change. Business processes are becoming more efficient. The recruitment industry is also changing. Candidates now have more power during the job search as compared to a few years ago. In this candidate-driven market, it is more about talent picking you than you choosing them.

The modern recruiting paradigm treats the candidates like customers and therefore, is giving rise to many new recruiting trends. Here are the seven top recruiting trends that will help you win the war of talent in 2019.

  1. Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing refers to the implementation of marketing tactics in the recruiting process. Under this, the organizations use the marketing methods to attract the talent to apply to work with them. The current situation in the market has given rise to this trend. The businesses now extensively advertise and market themselves in order to find skilled people for the work.


  1. Inbound Recruitment

The contemporary shift in recruitment trends has made way for the shift from outbound recruitment to inbound recruitment. In the current scenario, reaching out to the candidates and offering them open positions is not the way to go. Today the organizations make efforts to proactively attract candidates so that they choose them as their employer. Therefore, the goal here is to attract and convert candidates. This is the recruitment trend that you should adopt if you are looking forward to hiring the best talent.


  1. Talent Pools

Talent pool refers to a database where the recruiters have kept all their top candidates. This does not only contain the job seekers who have joined with them or applied with them already but also contains the details of candidates who have been sourced and referred through various channels. This may also have the individuals who have willingly joined your pool for any future job opportunities. Whenever there is a new job opening, talent pools make it easier for the employers to find the employees who are fit for the job.


  1. Social Media Recruitment

Social media is now quite instrumental in the recruitment process. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are playing an important role in finding talent. Social media recruitment is more than just posting job vacancies. It now has provisions to proactively search and apply for jobs. Organizations that have used social media for recruitment purpose have reported significant results as people are more upfront on these networks.


  1. Data-driven Recruiting

This method of recruiting uses past data and future predictions to plan and make decisions for recruitment. Data is the key here. New technologies like Applicant Tracking Systems allow the organization to get insights on what hiring strategy works the best. It is also used to find out what strategy might work best in a different scenario and what improvements need to be made. The main factors considered are hiring time, cost and quality.


  1. Talent Sourcing and Employee Referrals

Talent sourcing is a crucial strategy in the present times. Research has suggested that while there are 90% of people who are looking for new job opportunities but only 36% of them are actively seeking jobs. Talent sourcing differentiates these two kinds of candidates and you can focus on those who are actively looking for jobs.

Employee referrals are the job seekers that are referred to the organization by their employees. These are mostly genuine and talented individuals who are well-trusted by people who are already in the job.


  1. Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative hiring is a hiring method where the HR team and other departments come together to find and hire talent. It is considered extremely vital to improving the quality of the new hires. This is because, while HR is responsible to get the candidate on board, it is only the other departments where these candidates will work and therefore, they must fit in.

Recruitment is an ever-changing process and it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends to be able to attract the best people. Get in touch with us now if you need help with recruitment.