B2B lead generation is important and plays a major role to help you gain new clients for your business. This has given people more reasons to ignore your emails. The age of the internet has made information freely available to anyone who is looking. Most marketers still use emails as their go-to mode of lead generation and lead nurturing. This has made it necessary for marketers to find ways of attracting their prospects to open the email.

The most important factor to remember is that the emails that you send your prospects are relevant to them as each irrelevant email will just encourage them to ignore your emails or delete them without a second glance. To avoid this happening with your emails it is important to remember these 7 tips that can boost your lead nurturing emails immediately.

Targeting Content and Personalize Your Approach

This is one of the fundamental points that you must remember while sending lead nurturing emails. The more personalized your content the better the chances of your prospect opening your emails. You can get up to 20% more sales opportunities if you use targeted content for your emails as opposed to the one size fits all strategy that was previously being used. You must focus on what really matters to them. In order to create content that will appeal to your prospects, you will have to learn your target persona before you design your email content. This is a great tip for when you are considering content marketing for B2B Lead generation the more customized the content the better your results.

Humanize Your Approach

The language that you use in your emails has a great impact on the kind of response that you will get from your prospect. It is important that you review your previous emails and judge whether you are treating your prospects as objects in order to increase the number of clicks or as objects that you want to convert. Change the approach of your emails, the more you humanize your email and try and build a relationship with them. Check the tone of your email if you are using a sales tone instead try and use a more empathetic tone. Once you have changed the way you speak to your prospects you can see the difference in the rate of response.

Find Out Where in the Buying Journey Your Lead Is

When you are nurturing a lead, you must be sure about where the lead is on their buying journey the lead is. The buying funnel is divided into three major parts namely,

  • Top of The Funnel (TOFU)
  • Middle of The Funnel (MOFU)
  • Bottom of The Funnel (BOFU)

Prospects at each of these stages need to be treated differently and the information that they are given is also different. That is why it is necessary that you know exactly at which stage the lead is before you start trying to convert your leads.

Micro-Segment Your Prospects

Marketing automation has made life so much easier for the modern marketer. With the help of these automated tools, you can segregate the clients based on their behavior. This information is got by keeping a track of all the content that the prospect has opened, the type of videos that they have watched, and the types of sites that these prospects have visited. After this initial segregation is done the leads should be further segregated on the basis of their need, the size of the company, and the vertical that they are in.

Map Out Your Content

Consistency with your brand image is very important when it comes to engaging with your prospects. Be sure to have a set guideline that you will follow for all your content as that will ensure that the overall message that is given out by the company is consistent. Your content should also be designed according to what kind of part the prospect plays in the decision-making process. It was found that most of the decision makers will be part of the process at the start and the finish but would leave the middle to the influencers.

Use Trigger Events to Your Advantage

When you are handling a complex sale, it is rare to find that a purchase was done without some sort of trigger event. A trigger event is something that has such an impact on the company that there is a change in the behavior, ideas, and sales opportunities of the prospect. There can be multiple events that can cause such changes and by keeping an eye out for the trigger you will be able to use such a situation to your advantage.

Test and Optimize

No campaign is always perfect, whether it is your B2B lead generation campaign or your lead nurturing emails you must constantly work towards optimizing them to get the best results. Test different strategies and find the one that works best for you.

Using these strategies can help you get better results for your email lead nurturing campaigns.

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