Employees are the lifeline of any business and the success of a business depends largely on how happy they are. For most employers, employee engagement can be a huge challenge as it decides your turnover rates and customer satisfaction, and therefore, the overall success of your business. Keeping your employees satisfied is not just about paying them well. Of course, that is one crucial factor but there are other factors too.

The term employee engagement can be defined as the level of commitment, loyalty, and zeal with which a worker performs at their work. Higher the employee engagement, the more effort they will put forth. The struggle for an employer is to find hard-working and highly engaged people. Here are a few tips to improve engagement in your organization.

  1. Onboarding and training are crucial.

When a new employee joins your organization, it is very important that they go through an onboarding and training session. This is important to make them understand their responsibilities. Also, this lowers their chances of getting confused and frustrated with their work. Further, the employees who know what is expected from them are more likely to show interest in their work. Onboarding and training help the new hires to learn their job responsibilities and master their skills.


  1. Give attention to employee development.

Besides a good salary package and other benefits, an employee expects a growth opportunity from their job. They want their work to be a stepping stone to a bright career ahead. Employees are more satisfied with a job that presents new challenges and helps in developing their skills. Monotonous work routine that requires minimal efforts is a huge dissatisfaction factor in the long run.


  1. Acknowledge their contribution.

Employees are more likely to get engaged deeply with their job if they are praised and acknowledged for their contribution. If they feel invisible in the workplace, they will lose motivation and become disengaged. Engaged employees feel comfortable in their jobs. Individuals who don’t receive any appreciation at their work tend to quit sooner.


  1. Involve them in company goals.

Another way to making your employees feel engaged is to show them the bigger picture. They should be acquainted with company goals and made to realize how their efforts are a crucial part of the achievement of those goals. This strategy drives them to reach the goals and make a difference. You can give them monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual targets depending on your business.


  1. Do not micromanage.

Micromanaging your employees will make them feel smaller and take away their motivation. While you need to tell them what they should do, it is not your place to explain to them how to do it unless they ask for it. You need to let them use their skills and creative abilities to complete a task. You have selected them to work for you based on their experience and capabilities. It is for them to prove their worth. Employees who are allowed to make small decisions by themselves feel the sense of belongingness and therefore, they are better engaged at work.


  1. Know your employees and their opinions.

Use frequent short surveys to know how your employees feel at work. Ask their opinions about the workplace environment and whether they think there should be any changes. Make sure to implement good and valuable suggestions. This practice keeps your employees positively motivated and makes them feel empowered.


  1. Communicate with them frequently.

Lastly, communicate. Set weekly or fortnightly meetings with your employees to know about their concerns. Listen to them and communicate with them face to face. To keep your employees engaged, it is important for them to feel that their voice is being heard. Organize small events from time to time to give your employees a chance to communicate with their co-workers as well.

All the tips suggested above are to ensure that your employees feel valued. These small steps go a long way in making your employees feel secure at their work. Employee engagement is about winning the trust of your workforce. It is a crucial practice if you want your business to stay successful in the long term. Contact our experts to know more about employee engagement and retention.