Web development is one field in the IT industry that has changed beyond imagination in a short span of time. From static to dynamic websites and from manual coding to the content management system (CMS), web designing has come a long way. And now artificial intelligence (AI) is all set to make it a lot better and interesting.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of computers or machines to think and learn as humans do. It is one of the fastest developing technologies that are revolutionizing IT and non-IT sectors alike. As machines are becoming smarter and more capable, they are replacing humans in most basic to sophisticated jobs.

AI creates intelligent machines that can work and react like humans. Further, they improve their reaction based on previous behavior and learn from past events. This is giving rise to another prominent field under the umbrella of AI known as machine learning.

Speech recognition is a good example. With Alexa and Google Home making their way to each household, we can expect AI to become mainstream in the near future.

AI in Website Development

The consumers these days prefer to search for goods or services directly by going to e-commerce sites For example, instead of searching for a new gadget to buy on Google, users make the search on Amazon. In these scenarios, the website has to be highly responsive to the search. Therefore, more and more businesses are implementing AI tools like chatbots, voice search, and other AI solutions to make the user experience pleasant.

Benefits of using AI in Web Development

  1. Improved User Experience

The most important advantage that AI offers in web development is the improvement in user experience. Web designing considers user experience vital and a website is only as good as the visitors’ response to it. Users must be able to use the site effectively and navigate through it easily to find what they are looking for. AI offers a satisfactory user experience and does not let the visitors slip away easily.


  1. Increased Content Relevancy

The audience likes the content that they can relate to. While your website may carry everything that a consumer is looking for, for them to find it at the right time is the key. Enter AI. Websites powered by AI learn from the users’ web history and the kind of content they interact with and display the relevant content. AI gives suggestions to users about videos, music, and written content depending on their past behaviors.


  1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search is picking up pace and people are increasingly relying on it for their daily web surfing. Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home are becoming household names. Optimizing your website to show up in voice search is critical to your success. AI helps in making your websites appear in search results when a user performs a voice search.

Hurdles on the Way

  1. Jobs under Threat

The rise of AI is not making all people happy. Since AI has the potential to replace the jobs presently being handled by humans, employment is under threat. With more efficiency and lesser scope of errors, it is highly unlikely that reliance on manual work will stay the way it is.


  1. Security Issues

Also because AI monitors consumer behavior and keeps a tab on people’s online interactions, consumers feel insecure about the data they share. Data analytics and mining that make AI what it is, read consumer data and insights to show them relevant content. But that also means consumers are being watched all the time.


  1. Not-so-personal Interactions

While AI is taking the load off the human resources and is able to deliver human-like interaction to the consumers, they can still tell the responses given by AI. Impersonal interactions may push away customers who prefer personal responses.

Despite the few cons of artificial intelligence in web development, it has a pretty bright future in this field. With AI handling the tedious tasks, manpower can be invested in creativity and other important organizational functions. To know more about how you can implement AI on your website, contact our experts at MarkSpace Media.