Our B2b Lead Generation Arm reaches out to bridge the gap between the Product/Service Provider and the Prospective Buyer. We understand that a marriage between these two parties, though essential, can be difficult to bring about, considering the Bride & Groom are based out of different regions, zones, and geographies. In addition, the ‘Key Influencer’ and ‘Decision-Maker’ titles are with a select few members of the family!

B2b Lead Generation is at the heart of all marketing activity. The days when sales teams relied on individual efforts to rally leads are long-gone. Creating a fertile sales pipeline is an indispensable process that takes up a considerable amount of time and resources. Truth be told, this process is inevitable and must be undertaken.

This is where we intercede, bring our expertise to the table and take over the task of ‘creating the pipeline’ enabling your sales team to channelize their efforts towards bringing about sales closures. To achieve timely outcomes, we deploy the right expertise for widespread market research and starting ground-up, we locate the key influencers and decision-makers across businesses, customizing our efforts in line with what you need.

The Account Profiling arm at MarkSpace Media powers you with exhaustive know-how on your target accounts. Our key people, strategically position your sales team to explore potential business opportunities (immediate/mid-term/long-term) and close deals quickly and competitively. MarkSpace Media brings to you the most current, authentic, and customized information based on your requirements giving you the liberty to use the inputs to your best advantage.

Web and Phone verification methods are used to put together information that includes (but is not limited to) the organizational structure, people in-charge (decision makers), their IT Infrastructure preparedness, competitors currently engaged, their business strategies, financial position, and synopsis on individual contacts with regards to their job roles and responsibilities.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) or key accounts marketing as it is also known as one of the newest B2B strategies that help the B2B marketer concentrate their sales and marketing resources on only those target accounts that matter as opposed to throwing out a net and hoping to catch a big fish. The campaigns that are used can be personalized to match the target accounts’ needs thus making it more likely that the prospect will take you seriously.

Many companies particularly those that seek to garner a specific target profile can use Account-Based Marketing to their advantage. The marketing campaigns are personalized on an account level to improve the chances of acquiring that account. Although ABM is very beneficial to a company it takes up a lot of time if you do not know the right techniques.

Here’s where we can help, we take in your target account list and map it to find the right decision makers and influencers/recommenders. After that, we customize the messages and content that will be sent out to these accounts along with finding the right channel of communication to reach them. What’s important is the coordination and the execution for the campaigns to be delivered on a greater scale and with more efficiency. The last step is to measure the results and optimize the campaign for the best outcome.

Appointment Setting is a key process in looking for prospective clients and achieving your sales goals. It is of critical importance to reach the right decision makers, by efficiently navigating your way through gatekeepers, who by far are the greatest roadblocks in the process. Effective execution of appointment setting requires cold calling expertise to shortlist, segregate, and zero down on your target audience.

Our Appointment Garnering experts possess a clear understanding of the dynamics of B2B Appointment Setting. Setting appointments with decision makers isn’t something that happens on the first call. It is work-in-progress and requires skill, persistence, temperament, and intense acumen. Our agents on the job follow a methodical, step-by-step approach to the operation, starting by listing a series of prospects in target accounts, separating the Decision Makers from the Key Influencers/Recommenders, and finally scrutinizing their interest levels.

sales-qualified lead (SQL) is the potential customer that is thoroughly researched and is found ready for the next level in the sales process. It is someone that has exhibited interest in your products or services.Once they have shown interest, the next step is to analyze their sales readiness.

How to know if it is a sales-qualified lead?

  1. Gauge their needs.
  2. Find what they are using currently to fulfill the needs.
  3. Find out if the person whom you are interacting with is a decision-maker.
  4. Find out if the company is ready to switch solution.

Company’s lad management process determines an SQL. It is usually indicated by the actions that prospect takes that shows their interest in buying.Serious buyers are targeted through a lead scoring process. Usually, sales and marketing team come together to determine the qualities and actions that a prospect should take to qualify for the next stage.