B2B Lead Generation is one of the most important factors for any B2B service providing company. However, generating quality leads is not one of the easiest jobs out there, hence many companies have found that outsourcing B2B Lead Generation made more sense. Many companies claim to be able to provide you with sales-ready B2B leads, but making sure that the leads provided by these companies are of good quality is important too, for you to end up with high return on investment (ROI).

There is one major problem associated with the purchasing of leads, they take out a huge chunk of your marketing budget. It is an investment that you must make in order to get returns. However, trying to justify this expense is usually very difficult. There are a lot of marketers who tend to shy away from buying leads since they do not know how to justify this expense. This is a short-term problem and will go away as soon as the ROI is seen.

To ensure that you are buying good quality leads you first must “Define a Lead Generation ROI”

Before you buy leads from a third party you have to ensure that you have a clear idea of what the ROI is. Calculating this kind of ROI is similar to that of traditional ROI the only difference being that your gain is calculated based on the number of opportunities that have been acquired through the leads. This can be calculated by a simple formula.

Although this formula can be used for almost everything keeping a track of the ROI is difficult unless you divide it into even smaller parts, namely, Creator-Level Metrics, Manager-level Metrics, and Director-Level Metrics. At this point, it may be a little difficult to understand but when you find the right B2B Lead Generation service you can gain very high amounts of ROI in a shorter period of time.

Here are a few simpler steps to ensure that the leads you are buying are of good quality

  • Make sure that the targeting requirements provided by you to the B2B Leads Generation service provider are clearly defined. Without doing this you may end up with leads that do not fit your requirement and are ultimately useless to you. These guidelines help the B2B leads provider get a direction that can help them choose the channel that they are going to use to generate the leads. If any of the leads do not match this requirement, ensure that there is a return policy in place. This return policy also helps to hold the B2B Leads provider accountable for the leads that they send to you.

There are three basic categories of requirements for a lead.

Firmographic: Details about the companies that have to be targeted.

BANT: Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline of the contact. Although this is one of the best ways to measure the requirement it may be difficult to find a lead that fits all the criteria.

Intent: This is based on the position that your target contacts are in their buying process. The further along they are in the buying process the better the chances of them choosing your service.

  • Insist on Accurate Data

Various leads providers do not always provide you with the most accurate data. This is especially true for companies that claim to give you leads at unbelievably low prices. This may cause you to have numerous awkward conversations due to faulty information, or contact the same lead multiple times due to multiple entries, or get an array of failed delivery notifications due to inaccurate email ids. Make sure that the B2B leads that you get from your service provider are accurate and that your service provider has the resources to back these leads up.

  • Diversify the Source of Your Leads

Relying on only one method of generating leads could be a huge risk. Lately, more and more companies have started to use multiple ways of generating leads. They use inbound as well as outbound lead generation methods. This improves the quality of leads that you can get.

  • Pay for Quality

At the end of the day you get only what you pay for, so make sure that you choose to pay a little higher for better-qualified leads rather than get a higher quantity of leads at a lower price but later have to use precious time to qualify these leads.

  • Keep in Mind the Method of Delivery

You should not have to jump through hoops in order to gain access to your data. Make sure that the method your service provider uses to deliver the leads is easy to access. In an ideal scenario, the leads should be directly sent to your CRM by the B2B Lead Generation service provider.

To know more about buying leads that provide high ROI, contact MarkSpace Media and we will help you.