Best B2B Lead Generation Services in the USA to Write your Success Story

Best B2B Lead Generation Services in the USA to Write your Success Story

Lead generation is not an easy task to do but is something on which the success of a business depends. Lead generation strategies are changing with the advancements in technology and businesses that still depend on the traditional methods are struggling. Before the businesses used to call as many people or businesses until they became a lead but adopting this strategy today can make your business suffer.


Defining Lead Generation

Lead generation is not about chasing people down and flooding their emails. Neither it refers to advertising. Lead generation should always be quality over quantity. In simple words, it is the process of creating a continuous relationship with customers. It is more like an art of making people agree to use your services and products and you can never do that by getting on their nerves. Art appeals to people and so should your brand.

The challenge is to gain people’s trust so that they can share their contact information with you to get your valuable offer. Trust and confidence are foundations and they are vital to convert every prospect who visits your website. This is the key to lead generation and executing lead generation strategies in the right manner can increase your b2b outcomes.

Benefits of Lead Generation

Lead generation, if executed properly, can take your business to higher levels. It can benefit the businesses and customers alike. Here are few benefits that businesses can harvest out of lead generation:

  • Pay only for the leads that you receive.
  • Better budgeting.
  • High conversion rates.
  • Controlled demographic selection

MarkSpace Media is here to help you with Lead Generation

We at MarkSpace Media understand business. Helping businesses succeed is our forte and we are here to take your business to new heights. Our skilled team designs a lead generation strategy to fit your requirements and execute it will full zeal to help you grow. It is no magic, just pure hard work, and efforts.

Here are a few services that MarkSpace Media and other b2b Lead Generation companies offer in the USA:

  1. Setting an Appointment

The appointment setting is a crucial sales lead generation strategy. It is aimed at converting the prospects into potential buyers. Transparency, right technique, and coherent communication are required in order to make sure that client gets just the product he is looking for. Appointment setting can help in this goal and it has to be taken care from beginning to end. In the long run, it maximizes the business revenue.


  1. Event Promotion

It is important for your business to stand out right from the inception. If you are organizing an event, it is crucial to generate interest and bookings through online promotion. Right strategy can help you reap the benefits of event promotion. Events can be used to increase your sales and also establish brand loyalty. Therefore, strategic promotion is important.


  1. Content Syndication

The term content syndication refers to promoting your blogs, articles, and other content through third-party websites and networks. Content syndication is known to be a brilliant method to reach out to your prospective clients. It is vital to creating brand awareness and increase visibility. It is about finding the right platforms to syndicate your content to get maximum views for your products and services.


  1. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence allows you to get quick results without having to go through a large pool of data. Better account profiling and contact discovery can be added advantage while you go on making customers with ease. Business intelligence allows you to establish new clients while strengthening the bond with the existing ones.

Lead generation is a trusted way to boost your business but it is important to pick the right company for the services. Do your research and do not choose some false agency that might land you only junk leads. Choose among the reputable B2B lead generation companies in the USA to give your business much-needed growth and direction.

Best Business Development Practices

Best Business Development Practices

To achieve success in today’s world, it is important to stay up to date and adopt strategies that work. You can no longer be dependent on the strategies the businesses have been using since last many years. That’s because it is critical for your organization to stay current as your competitors may already have adopted these strategies to increase their revenue.

You must understand that there are numerous practices for business development but all may not work for you. You have to find the ones that are beneficial for your business because you do not want to spend time after the clients who are not interested in taking your services. This doesn’t mean that you need to give up all your traditional practices but you need to optimize your strategies to find out what works the best for you. This article discusses some of the best business development practices that can help you take your business to new heights.

  1. Marketing Automation

The marketing automation strategy focuses on automating and simplifying the marketing processes and actions. This includes sending e-mails and managing social media. Marketing automation optimizes the working processes and eliminates the redundant processes. This not only saves times but also increases the effectiveness of a company.

Automation helps in timely communication and contributes to effective follow-ups and up-selling. Various surveys have suggested that marketing automation enables faster results and also provides advantages over the competitors.

  1. Social Media Outreach

Social media is now known to be used for professional purposes. It has a huge user base from across the globe. It is considered among the most preferred B2B-centric platform. Social media is increasingly being used by the businesses to increase awareness of a brand or a product. It provides various benefits for business development. It helps in increasing B2B sales effectiveness. Known to be a great tool for business and commercial content distribution, social media is a very popular platform with the marketers.

It is very helpful in building trust with customers as it allows companies to demonstrate their expertise to the target audience. It not only helps in spreading information about a new product but also improves conversions.

  1. Demand Generation

Demand generation is the process of making the prospects interested in your products or services. This requires you taking your prospect through the whole process of creating awareness of their problem which you have a solution for, to gaining their trust, and to making them interested in your products or services.

  1. Lead Generation

Lead generation is about converting the interested prospects into names and contact details that can be followed up by your team. It helps in translating the interest into something actionable. One of the critical strategies being followed by businesses since always, lead generation has changed over the time. You should take a look at the lead generation practices you follow and make sure that you are up to date.

  1. Retargeting

Retargeting can be defined as the process of following your visitors across the internet using the cookie-based technology. It is known to provide the most brand lift. Further, it allows effective customer targetting and therefore, is known to increase the response from the target audience by over 400%. Data suggests that it also increases the conversion rates and company’s effectiveness. It is increasingly being used by the businesses to acquire new customers.

  1. Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is based on the fact that the company only pays for the time somebody on internet clicks on their advertisement. PPC is known to contribute to simpler selling process as it works by employing keywords that are relevant to the target audience. It also increases the brand awareness. People are more likely to become aware of a brand that is placed first on Google.

Business development is not an easy task to do but it is increasingly becoming important for the progress of your company. Above strategies outline the importance of business development and how can it be achieved. MarkSpace Media provides support for business development using the strategies listed above. Our skilled team shortlists the practices that work best with your brand and then employ those to achieve the best results.

Nurturing Sales Qualified Leads

Nurturing Sales Qualified Leads

A sales qualified lead (SQL) can be defined as a prospective customer that has been researched by the marketing and sales team and is said to be fit for the next step in the sales process. There are multiple factors that determine whether the lead is sales qualified or not but the key factor is the interest exhibited by them in your services or products. Although other factors that determine an SQL are different for each organization, this one standard definition remains the same.

How is it different from Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)?

SQLs shouldn’t be confused with the MQLs. One major difference between an MQL and an SQL is the desire to start a conversation. MQL is more about engagement through various platforms like social media, e-mails, etc. However, SQLs are the ones who are in direct conversation with you. Here are a few examples of what SQLs might look like:

  1. Attendance/registration for a webinar

The leads that are getting interested in your webinars and are planning or taking part in it are SQLs. To attend a webinar, a prospect has to take out time and put in efforts. If they are doing it, they are definitely ready for sales.

  1. Responding to the emails

This is another clear indication that the lead is ready for sales. If you are sending them some information via email and they respond to it with some questions or doubts, they may the fit for the next step in the sales process.

  1. Getting in touch through contact forms

Further, there are leads who are getting in touch through the contact forms. These are the ones who will decide the next course depending on how fast you respond to their inquiries. Always be ready. The faster the response, the more likely you are to get into a conversation with them and covert them.

How to be sure if they are ready?

Before you qualify a lead a SQL, there are a few parameters to judge them on. You need to ask them a few things for you to be sure that they are ready. These are:

  1. What are their needs?

Always find out whether or not they actually need your product. You must know how is your product going to help them improve their current landscape.

  1. What product are they using currently?

Next, determine what product and why they are using currently for the needs they want to fulfill using your product. Make sure that they are rightly looking for a replacement.

  1. Are you interacting with the decision maker?

While you are deciding on SQL, you are definitely in conversation with some person. Find out whether this person is the decision maker, the influencer, the one who will pay you, or a researcher. This will help you strategize your actions.

  1. Are they ready to move?

Most importantly, you must know whether they are ready to move to a new solution that you are offering. Also, find out if they have the right budget for it

You have your SQLs, what next?

After taking all the important steps, now you have your SQLs. The target is now to retain them and nurture them for a better business. It’s a mistake to end the beautiful process abruptly after the sales. Keep in touch with them and ask them questions. Nurturing the SQLs to build a long-term relationship is the key to success.

At MarkSpace, we have all the necessary skills and are well-equipped to identify and retain sales qualified leads. Get in touch now if you are facing difficulties in getting SQLs. Our team will make sure that you find the right SQLs. The SQLs shortlisted will be given all your contact details and they will directly get in touch with you to take this forward. We understand business and the importance of SQLs, and we make sure we give your business, deals that last longer.

GDPR Compliance: Consumer Consent is Important

GDPR Compliance: Consumer Consent is Important

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives the residents and the citizens, control over their personal data which is, otherwise, being exploited by the companies.  This means that consumers now have the right to know when their data is hacked and the companies need to alert the concerned authorities as soon as they are aware of any kind of data misuse.

This means that the companies have to be very careful about how they process the consumer data According to the GDPR, the controllers will have to make sure that the consumer’s personal data is processed with utmost care and lawfully. Also, the process has to be transparent and must be towards the fulfillment of some specific purpose. In simple words, people should understand what their data is being used for, and how it is being done.

What is ‘lawful’ usage of data under GDPR?

‘Lawful’ usage of data can mean many things depending on the terms to which the consumer has agreed. For instance, in some cases, it can mean that the subject has given the consent to process their data. However, it can also mean compliance with some contract or legal obligation; if the certain process is in public interest; protection of an interest that is ‘essential for the life of’ the subject; or if doing so fulfills the controller’s legitimate interest like prevention of a fraud. For processing of data, any one of the above justifications must apply.

What is considered as consent?

Under the GDPR, consent is an active and affirmative action by the subject in question and not just some passive acceptance like a few existing models that have pre-ticked boxes or opt-outs. The controller is required to keep a record of when and how did an individual give consent.

Consumers have the right to withdraw their consent whenever they wish to. Organizations need to make sure that their current model for obtaining consent should abide by the current GDPR rules.

What counts as personal data?

The definition of personal data under the GDPR has been expanded to include online identifiers like IP address, and genetic data and biometric data other than name, address, and other economic, cultural or mental health information. Any data that was considered personal under the Data Protection Act is also identified as personal data under the GDPR.

When can people access their data stored by organizations?

GDPR outlines rules under which the people have the right to access their data at some intervals which are reasonable for the organization. The controllers have a month’s time to meet such requests. The legislation requires the controllers and processors to make it clear to the people how they collect and use the data, and how they process it.

It is required under the legislation to give all the said information to the people in plain language in order to give them information clearly and coherently. People have the right to ask any questions regarding their data like what is data being used for, who can see it, how long it is stored for, etc. Further, they can ask controllers to rectify the incorrect or incomplete data whenever they want.

Also, they may ask for their data to be deleted when it is not relevant anymore. It is the responsibility of the controller to get the same data deleted from other links that have the copies of it. If the consumer wishes to transfer their data elsewhere, the controller has to allow the process smoothly and will have to make the data available to the consumer in some common open format like CSV.

At MarkSpace Media, we are doing our best to comply with the rules and regulations as stipulated by the GDPR. Your consent is important to us and we make sure that we don’t miss it. If we need to make calls to you, we ensure that we don’t disrupt your schedule and are always open to rescheduling the call as per your availability. We value the information that you give us and we do our best to keep it secure. If you don’t want us to reach out to you, we will happily accept that and do the needful.


Best Way to Buy Leads That Will Generate High ROI

Best Way to Buy Leads That Will Generate High ROI

B2B Lead Generation is one of the most important factors for any B2B service providing company. However, generating quality leads is not one of the easiest jobs out there, hence many companies have found that outsourcing B2B Lead Generation made more sense. Many companies claim to be able to provide you with sales-ready B2B leads, but making sure that the leads provided by these companies are of good quality is important too, for you to end up with high return on investment (ROI).

There is one major problem associated with the purchasing of leads, they take out a huge chunk of your marketing budget. It is an investment that you must make in order to get returns. However, trying to justify this expense is usually very difficult. There are a lot of marketers who tend to shy away from buying leads since they do not know how to justify this expense. This is a short-term problem and will go away as soon as the ROI is seen.

To ensure that you are buying good quality leads you first must “Define a Lead Generation ROI”

Before you buy leads from a third party you have to ensure that you have a clear idea of what the ROI is. Calculating this kind of ROI is similar to that of traditional ROI the only difference being that your gain is calculated based on the number of opportunities that have been acquired through the leads. This can be calculated by a simple formula.

Although this formula can be used for almost everything keeping a track of the ROI is difficult unless you divide it into even smaller parts, namely, Creator-Level Metrics, Manager-level Metrics, and Director-Level Metrics. At this point, it may be a little difficult to understand but when you find the right B2B Lead Generation service you can gain very high amounts of ROI in a shorter period of time.

Here are a few simpler steps to ensure that the leads you are buying are of good quality

  • Make sure that the targeting requirements provided by you to the B2B Leads Generation service provider are clearly defined. Without doing this you may end up with leads that do not fit your requirement and are ultimately useless to you. These guidelines help the B2B leads provider get a direction that can help them choose the channel that they are going to use to generate the leads. If any of the leads do not match this requirement, ensure that there is a return policy in place. This return policy also helps to hold the B2B Leads provider accountable for the leads that they send to you.

There are three basic categories of requirements for a lead.

Firmographic: Details about the companies that have to be targeted.

BANT: Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline of the contact. Although this is one of the best ways to measure the requirement it may be difficult to find a lead that fits all the criteria.

Intent: This is based on the position that your target contacts are in their buying process. The further along they are in the buying process the better the chances of them choosing your service.

  • Insist on Accurate Data

Various leads providers do not always provide you with the most accurate data. This is especially true for companies that claim to give you leads at unbelievably low prices. This may cause you to have numerous awkward conversations due to faulty information, or contact the same lead multiple times due to multiple entries, or get an array of failed delivery notifications due to inaccurate email ids. Make sure that the B2B leads that you get from your service provider are accurate and that your service provider has the resources to back these leads up.

  • Diversify the Source of Your Leads

Relying on only one method of generating leads could be a huge risk. Lately, more and more companies have started to use multiple ways of generating leads. They use inbound as well as outbound lead generation methods. This improves the quality of leads that you can get.

  • Pay for Quality

At the end of the day you get only what you pay for, so make sure that you choose to pay a little higher for better-qualified leads rather than get a higher quantity of leads at a lower price but later have to use precious time to qualify these leads.

  • Keep in Mind the Method of Delivery

You should not have to jump through hoops in order to gain access to your data. Make sure that the method your service provider uses to deliver the leads is easy to access. In an ideal scenario, the leads should be directly sent to your CRM by the B2B Lead Generation service provider.

To know more about buying leads that provide high ROI, contact MarkSpace Media and we will help you.