Conversational Marketing as a Tool for Business Promotion

Conversational Marketing as a Tool for Business Promotion

Ever wondered why websites pop up a chat option? Who is going to benefit from this? The simple answer is these services want you to engage in their business. That’s the base rule of Conversational Marketing. It is a new, personalized approach to doing business over the internet. It moves buyers/customers through marketing and sales funnels by using the power of emotional connection with a person, a lot like a real-time conversation. Brands leverage this technology to identify interested customers so that they can target them for future references. This technique has proven successful enough to drive in loyal customers for the business. Conversational marketing can be defined as the use of live chat, chatbots, and social monitoring to foster genuine conversations and develop real relationships. It can be carried out on a channel where one could engage with a good customer base.

Some of the live examples of conversational marketing include HealthTap, a company that focuses on making healthcare more accessible in every situation. The switch to conversational marketing via the intelligent LeadBot has captured 4,000 leads and added $1M into their sales pipeline. It has also allowed them to capture even those who may not be looking to purchase. Similarly, a company called Lyft has integrated with Messenger that makes it super easy for people to request rides. All we have to do is click the car icon and you will be instantly matched with local drivers. The friendly Lyft Facebook Messenger bot lets you know when your driver is on the way, shows a picture of their license number plate, and tells you what car they’ll be driving to pick you up.

Benefits of using conversational marketing:

  • Real-time Feedback: As soon as a visitor lands on a webpage and starts interacting, the system predicts what type of customer it is and then accordingly gives suggestions.


  • Customer Driven System: The main ideology of this system revolves around how to make our business more appealing to visitors and therefore, it is a synchronous system where visitors have the freedom to have conversations whenever they prefer. Also, it gives them the freedom to explore the website along with clearing their menial doubts.


  • Contextual Insights: Context means gathering and retrieving information of a particular customer as quickly as possible. The more we know about our audience, the more we can update ourselves to satisfy their needs.


  • Easy to Make Relations: Just akin to how we interact with our friends on social media, conversational marketing gives its clients an indirect way to make a long-lasting bond with their visitors. Visitors would always remember the website if they get their relevant stuff within no time with your assistance.


  • Scalable Conversations: Business is all about pleasing customers. If a customer is interested and is getting the necessary attention then the problem is solved. We don’t have to deploy human force for these tasks. A powerful chat-bot can single-handedly do all these tasks with pre-written answers and data analysis.


  • Time-saving: One of the major benefits of this technology is its ability to facilitate all required services on the go and in no time. It allows everybody in a team to save their time and that is particularly important as time is valuable.


  • Competitive Edge: For a small business that is looking to grow and stay one step ahead of others, conversational marketing is a vital tool. You get the knowledge to develop business aligned with customer needs and discover other great opportunities that you may not have considered previously.


  • A Human-like Environment: Whenever we do online surfing, one thing that differentiates this from an offline market is human interaction. This system can offer this capability through real-time conversations and answer-based replies using natural language processing and programming tweaks. This is just like the shop assistants who wait for a customer to approach and then start with their convincing skills.

Conversational marketing is all about engaging new users, understanding their needs, and recommending them the best to solve their purpose of approaching you. This strategy goes a long way in building relationships with clients and developing a sense of trust.