Make Your Digital Presence On Top with Demand Generation Marketing

Make Your Digital Presence On Top with Demand Generation Marketing

Make your digital presence head above the Rest with Demand Generation Marketing

Are you still struggling to understand demand generation? Prepare to dive into this article in order to become familiar with the term, its methods, strategies, usage, benefits, and usefulness in the dynamic world of marketing. We place a bet that by the time you are done reading it, your approach towards demand generation will be baked and ready to implement.

Fundamentals of Demand Generation

Let us begin with the fundamental essential that the success of your business depends less on your merit and more on your supply, which is directly proportional to the demand that you successfully create. Hence, in a world of information revolution, demand generation is not just a buzz-worthy word. Briefly, it encompasses a multitude of marketing efforts and strategies to exhilarate, excite, and enliven the customers about the products and services you offer. It envisions bringing to light the salient features of your products and services on multiple channels, creating a buzz about them not only among your existing patrons but also among the potential customers. With the ever-changing business world, demand generation has become a never-ending task if you wish to rise and shine like a champion.

Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing

Now if you have already started comparing it with inbound marketing, then let us tell you that inbound marketing and demand generation are not synonymous. They are like the cousins who work together in an association towards achieving a particular entrepreneurial goal. To be more precise, inbound marketing is only a subset of demand generation and there are many other strategies under it.

The strategy is Different for Each Organization

Just as one cannot please all, the same marketing strategy cannot be applied for a different set of customers. Every single brand holds a unique identity and purpose that needs to be highlighted on their website. The look and feel of a fashion or lifestyle brand should have a world of difference from that of a real-estate one. With increasing dependency on mobiles, your website needs to be mobile-friendly too.

Keep the Content Game Strong

Since content has been a major marketing tool for converting the prospects into clients, it should be ensured that your punch-lines hit the target your brand has listed down. You should not get stuck on the fact that lesser the number of pages lesser will be boredom. Content marketing ought to be brief and relevant that can hit the bull’s eye. Quick-witted and innovative content will help you to brew a better strategy that will guarantee success.

Infographics are also trending like hotcakes. The brand shall definitely work after infographics with fact-checked details. While talking about demand marketing generation, how can we miss out mentioning podcasts? Socializers of the times prefer listening to content through soundtracks while moving around. So promoting content through such formula ensures fair listeners.

Do Not Ignore the Power of Blogging and SEO

Blogging is yet another brilliant idea for content promotion that helps to increase the number of prospects. WordPress is the most popular platform amongst bloggers and brands. As aspiring startups and brands, you can do more of product promotion and their website promotion free.

Equal attention should be given to the magical process called search engine optimization (SEO) that will continue to promote your website on Google even while you are asleep besides helping your brand in tracking the website traffic.

Use Video Marketing to Your Benefit

YouTube is a visual language-centric platform where one can update videos and can enhance their brand visibility in any corner of the planet. Be a good storyteller if you want to gain fame on YouTube. Engaging and classic content is all you need for winning this game on YouTube. Since the tentative viewer’s age slab is between 15 and 35 years, customer-centric content plays a primitive role in securing more subscribers. Visual storytelling is a prerequisite.


Remember that there are no shortcuts to success and mere imitation cannot help a brand to stand out and shine. Follow your competitors but do not become their echo. Be your own voice in the world of demand generation marketing and execute the ideas that your competitors do not.


Influencer Marketing to Boost Demand Generation

Influencer Marketing to Boost Demand Generation

Conventional marketing methods are becoming obsolete day by day. Since the advent of the internet, no one marketing method lasts for long. This is because the internet has opened the door to infinite possibilities. Another reason why you need to upgrade your marketing techniques is that consumers are no longer naïve buyers. They research brand and products before they buy and make informed decisions.

Therefore, now is the time for businesses to align their marketing strategies to gain the trust of their consumers and prospects. One such strategy that a demand generation company can use to attract leads is influencer marketing. It is a form of marketing that uses influential people on social media to promote brands or products. Here are a few tips that can help you make the most of influencer marketing.

  1. Micro-influencers can be the game changers.

Someone with a large following is definitely the right choice but you must not underestimate the effect of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers that align with your brand can have better engagement rates than influencers with larger following that are not relevant. They should definitely be perceived as authentic and better tools for demand generation. A study has suggested that nearly 82% of the consumers take action after recommendation by a micro-influencer. This is because they have more loyal followers and therefore, have better interaction.


  1. Go for the relevant influencers only.

It is always very important to see whether the influencer you are reaching out to is relevant to your business. The output is maximum only if the influencer is in line with your core values. For example, if an influencer who promotes home-made products suddenly starts promoting some branded product, this might backfire. However, if they promote certain ingredient they use in their home-made products, that might be a successful campaign. Therefore, choose wisely. The results are best when they are already loyal supporters of your brand because that helps their followers to see your brand as credible.


  1. Instagram influencers can make a huge difference.

Instagram has the highest number of online influencers and influencer marketing on this medium alone is worth $1 billion. At present, Instagram dominates the world of social media with 1 billion active users per month. This number is only increasing. Being a visual medium, it grabs the attention immediately and attracts the prospects. Influencer marketing on Instagram is popular demand generation strategy used by every leading demand generation company. Everything sells through Instagram, you should just know how.


  1. Free samples and reviews increase your credibility.

One important strategy used by some leading brands is providing the influencers with free samples and asking for their reviews. Sometimes, they also give a discount code or a link to get these products at lesser prices. You can generate a unique code for your particular influencer that can act as an incentive to their followers. This benefits your influencers, customers, and your business alike. Also, this can work towards building a long-term relationship with your influencer.


  1. Creative freedom is important.

A successful influencer marketing campaign needs time and effort. Therefore, while you collaborate with multiple influencers at one time, you must allow them freedom of creativity. Let them use their way to influence their followers since they understand them the best. You must not push content created by you through them. Give them access to your best content and then let them decide how they want to use it.

Influencer marketing can be incredibly successful in demand generation if you implement it properly. It is an organic way to reach your audience and win them over. The secret is to find influencers that are relevant to your line of business. It is a mutually beneficial strategy that will bring results beyond your expectations.

If you have already found your influencers, you need to keep them motivated to stay with you and it all depends on the type of relationship you have. A successful demand generation company is one that develops meaningful relationships with their influencers and customers. If you need help with influencer marketing, get in touch with us now.

How Webinars and Seminars can help in Lead Generation?

How Webinars and Seminars can help in Lead Generation?

Businesses are getting smarter about their lead generation tactics. Every new day brings new challenges to be dealt with. Therefore, the strategies have to be updated and need to be in line with the developments. The modern business world is about more and good quality leads. Today’s customers do their own research before they buy from you and that is why they will only choose you if they think you have the best solution to their needs.

Reaching out to prospects and generating leads is a quite elaborate process and comprises various methods and tools. This article focuses on the benefits of webinars and seminars in lead generation. Both webinars and seminars bring together the prospects and industry experts on one platform to discuss something of interest. The only difference between the both is that webinars happen online with participants connected from different parts of the globe while seminar happens at a physical location and participants are present in person.

  1. Establish you as a leader in the industry.

Digital marketing is experiencing a boom and to stand out in such times can be a real challenge. Webinars and seminars can help you in positioning yourself as a leader in your industry because they provide your prospects with an opportunity to learn from you. They also engage with you on a deeper level. This makes them think of you as an expert in the field and they are more likely to buy from you. It is recommended that you should invite known experts in the industry to engage in a conversation with the audience.


  1. More new leads in your sales funnel.

Webinars and seminars are more appealing to new prospects. This is because they are in the initial stages of the buying process and such events provide them a chance to learn about the products or services. They can use all the information to make the right decisions. Since you are the one to give them access to information and educate them, there are good chances that they will buy from you. Therefore, you will have more leads in sales funnel.


  1. Push the existing leads further in the buying cycle.

Further, seminars and webinars are great tools to push your existing leads down the sales funnel. Before a lead converts to a business opportunity, it has to be touched multiple times and in different ways. Webinars and seminars allow you to stay in touch with them consistently. Experts suggest including polling questions during the event and have a Q&A session in the end. They can also be used to showcase any live demos as they are more powerful than advertisements or whitepapers.


  1. Retain and engage better with existing customers.

Retaining customers is as important as getting new ones. Webinars help a great deal in keeping the existing revenue intact while providing the customers with more value-added content. Not only does this deepen their advocacy for your company but they also refer you to other prospects. There are chances of widening business opportunities for your existing customers as they are exposed to other aspects of your business. Also, they trust you more. Seminars can also be a tool for training new customers and sharing best practices with them.


  1. A great way to partner with other companies.

Ahead of a seminar or webinar, you can get in touch with other companies in your industry and partner with them to organize it. It gives you an advantage of getting access to their customers and also promote your brand through word of mouth. Together with your partner, you can use the event to acquire more and better quality leads.

Above listed benefits of seminars and webinars is just the tip of the iceberg. If you plan your event well in advance, it can take your business to the next level. While nurturing your relationships, they help you deliver valuable content that further strengthens your marketing. Seminars and webinars are two must-have tools under your marketing strategy. If you need any help improving your lead generation strategy, you can get in touch with us now.

How can Lead Generation Aid your Business Growth?

How can Lead Generation Aid your Business Growth?

Lead generation has always been there in the business world. While it was subtle before the internet era, it has taken relatively a fierce form lately. Businesses of all sizes are actively deploying lead generation strategies to boost their profits.

What is it about lead generation in the world of late that makes it critical to business growth? In this article, we will briefly discuss reasons that make lead generation a must-have for any business. Albeit, each business is different and so are their lead generation strategies, there are few basic targets that remain the same for businesses of all types and sizes.

  1. Helps prospects know your brand

Actively using the lead generation strategies increases the visibility of your brand and more people come to know about it. Brand awareness is successful when you are well known within the target markets. In simple words, lead generation enables the customers to think of you when they are about to make a purchase in your product category. Increased brand awareness means a bigger customer base and therefore, more profit potential and brand value. Also, it educates and informs your prospects about your products and how it fulfills their needs.


  1. Better ROI and profits

A huge amount of investment is made by the B2B marketers for lead generation. The reason that over half of the marketing budget goes into lead generation is that it results in increased sales, profits, and a positive ROI. Statistics suggest that businesses that tap into the benefits offered by lead generation strategies are more likely to turn leads into customers. This leads to an increase in profits and a better ROI.


  1. Easy to target desired customers

Using lead generation tactics, it becomes relatively easier to target your desired audience. You can choose to pursue your customers from different demographic locations, sex, age groups, and other factors. This refines your strategy by differentiating a clear target audience. Therefore, you are in control of deciding how and what to do in order to make more sales.


  1. Less expensive than other modes of advertisements

Lead generation is comparatively cheaper than other modes of advertisements. While most advertisements are broad, lead generation is a marketing strategy that is convenient, cost-effective, and more result-oriented. It’s refined and researched methodology makes it better than conventional advertising.


  1. Benefits seller and buyer alike

While the seller has the benefit of reaching out to their desired audience and promote their products, the lead generation strategies present the buyers with the best of products and services in the market. Further, they can have detailed information on the products and services they want to buy. For sellers, it makes them look more credible and people are more likely to buy from a company that is easily giving out the information.

  1. Increases your online presence

You can count on lead generation strategies to increase your online presence significantly. When a B2B marketer is deploying lead generation strategies for you, he will make sure that he exploits all available channels, both online and offline. In a bid to reach your target audience, a huge amount of content is promoted across all social media channels and other modes of online communication.


  1. Increased number of conversions

All the benefits listed above ultimately lead to the one benefit that all businesses want out of their marketing strategies – the increased number of conversions. When lead generation is successful in establishing your brand and its credibility, your prospects are highly likely to convert to customers and the existing customers have better chances of staying with you. More conversions mean more sales and a successful business.

Lead generation is a lifeline of any business and without making constant efforts to get more leads no business can survive for long. All the leading businesses have one thing in common and that is a strong lead generation strategy. They either outsource their lead generation work to a third-party marketer or have a strong team working in-house on it. To know how your business can grow through lead generation, contact our experts at MarkSpace Media.

How to Improve Conversions through Demand Generation?

How to Improve Conversions through Demand Generation?

Marketing has emerged as a whole new industry in itself in the past years. A lot of new marketing terms used these days can be quite confusing and understanding them thoroughly can be quite a task. In this article, we will discuss a marketing technique called demand generation and how it can help a business to improve the conversion rates.

In simple terms, demand generation can be defined as a strategy that is aimed at generating awareness among the prospects and therefore, drive their interest towards buying your products or services. It is a lot different from lead generation. In fact, it can be understood as a stage just before a prospect turns into a lead. Since it is among the very initial steps of your prospects’ interaction with you, it can have a huge impact on conversion rates because the first impression is powerful. Here are a few demand generation strategies that will boost your business.

  1. Put your best content forward

Content is what rules your all marketing strategies because without that good punch line or that promotional video, you cannot get the attention of your audience. Especially now when the internet is full of all kinds of blogs, videos, and infographics, you need to take an extra step towards making your content stand out. Therefore, our advice to invest in good quality content because that is the first thing your prospects will interact with. Make sure that it has something of value to offer.


  1. Give your prospects free tools or apps

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Invest in developing a tool or an app that your prospects can use free of cost. In addition to establishing your credibility among customers, it strengthens your position in the industry. Also, it is one of the most trusted resources for PPC help. For example, a financial institution can offer an app that assesses individual profiles free of cost to find out whether or not they are eligible for a loan.


  1. Partner with other businesses

Some businesses are using partnering as a great demand generation strategy. Also referred to as partnership marketing, this strategy is a collaborative effort between two businesses where they come together to work towards the same business goal. Working with another similar business can help you save money, resources, and time while it can work wonders for your struggling business. You can get better exposure and hence, increased brand awareness among customers.


  1. Use content syndication

Blogging is known to improve your ROI by over 13 times. Companies that blog on a regular basis get more customers to their websites and therefore, they get a number of conversions. But what is even more beneficial is content syndication. It can be defined as a strategy in which similar businesses guest post on each other’s websites. Not only does this give them an advantage of partnership marketing but they reach out to a much wider audience.


  1. Leverage the power of social media

It goes without saying that the businesses that are not tapping into the benefits offered by social media are losing big time on profits and business opportunities. In the modern business landscape, social media has emerged as the primary platform for business promotion. Video marketing is one of the most popular social media marketing tool being used these days. Therefore, using it for demand generation and all other marketing techniques is crucial to the success of any business.


  1. Improve your email strategy

Do not keep sending bulk emails because those either end up in spam box or are never read. Instead, work on the optimization of your email strategy. Everything from the subject line to salutation should be well written. Leverage the power of personalized emailing to get maximum results.

The aim of your demand generation strategy should be to stand out from the crowd and provide something valuable to your audiences. This can take your business to the next level and multiply your conversion rates significantly. For more insights, you can always ask our skilled professionals at MarkSpace Media.