Importance of Marketing Technology in the Current Age

Importance of Marketing Technology in the Current Age

The most important and hot topic among marketers has always been brand marketing. A couple of years ago brand marketing was nothing but just designing a logo and defining a slogan for your brand. But nowadays brand marketing has become a very important part of every business, it is not as simple as it used to be earlier. For every business or organization marketing Technology is a top priority now.

  • Marketing technology is a group of technologies used to assist the team of brand marketers in their work to improve their marketing activities. The technology makes most of the use of online marketing and it also makes the most effective use of offline marketing channels. In today’s world marketing technology is a bit complicated for marketers as it involves the use of various technologies. It is very important to have a good knowledge of both online and offline marketing if you are a brand marketer. And it is also very important for a brand marketer to keep himself/herself updated because technology changes continuously. The technology used in 2010 is not the same in 2018, 2019, 2020 and it would likely differ in the coming years.


Digital marketing is divided into two different channels that are offline marketing and online marketing.

  1. Online marketing uses channels that need internet, it includes blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click(PPC), website, articles, press releases, content marketing, search engine optimization(SEO), video marketing, affiliate marketing etc. Offline marketing does not include online means of marketing (internet connectivity is not required) but it can be of great importance to online marketing if used effectively by brand marketers.
  1. Offline marketing includes television advertisements, radio advertising, cold calling, electronic billboard, business card, direct mail, flyers, telemarketing, print publications etc. In terms of percentage of course online marketing contributes more than offline marketing but it does not mean that marketers should stop doing offline marketing or paying attention to offline marketing. Offline marketing is also an important part of marketing technology and if it is done properly it adds complement to your online marketing or/and digital marketing.


  • Marketing technology benefits your business or organization in several ways and that is the reason why it has become a top priority of every marketer. It does not matter whether your company is small or large, technology helps your business making a profit, increasing brand awareness and producing good results that are desired by your customers. Brand marketers make the best use of marketing technology, a group of several different technologies to grow business, make good relationships with customers, acquire right or potential customers, provide relevant information about the business or organization to the customers and other businesses, and increases sales.


  • Use of marketing technology greatly affects the communication between an organization and its potential customers, which in turn, improves the overall performance and effectiveness of products or services provided by the organization and hence helps the organization to grow and prosper efficiently in less time. When you talk about a relationship, whether it’s personal or professional, the key to a successful relationship is healthy communication. Brand marketers help to build a good relationship between an organization, and it’s potential customers or/and other businesses(businesses that are involved with the organization) and help organization acquire right and loyal customers that stay connected with the organization for a longer time.


  • Loyal customers are one of the essential keys to drive revenue and you get loyal customers when customers build trust in your business and for that, an effective way of communication is very important. Using marketing technology you can reach out to a large number of customers or other businesses by sitting at one place. Marketing technology enables you to make your business global and create a stronger public image as it provides you with various means of channels both offline and online to interact with the potential customers and deliver them relevant content to gain their interest and trust.

In simple language business is all about developing high-quality products or services, identify valuable customers, and sell your products or services to them and ultimately earn a profit. And what helps you driving more valuable customers to your organization is marketing technology.