Video Marketing: Modern-day Business Success Secret

Video Marketing: Modern-day Business Success Secret


With the increase in the number of active users on the internet, it is both a challenge and an opportunity to convince people to buy a product. Let’s just admit that we prefer pictures over text and videos over pictures. Modern-day businesses use video marketing to promote their products and services because they are comparatively more effective and generate better response. Video marketing slowly started picking up the pace when high-end smartphones started getting cheaper and the internet became accessible.

The common man started looking for products and services online. An undiscovered world unveiled itself slowly which changed the face of marketing entirely. Before people buy any product, they prefer to go online and search for the reviews. They try to get as much information as they can in order to make right choice. Video marketing has, therefore, emerged as an industry in itself with organizations increasingly using it for promotion.


The Monopoly

With digital marketing gaining popularity, the competition has drastically increased and the businesses that are doing it right are getting ahead. For example, Google’s revenue has increased substantially owing to digital marketing strategies. There are many companies that have benefitted significantly from digital marketing. You might be wondering why video marketing has gained momentum in such a short while- here are a few reasons why.

  1. People like using social media to keep up with their friends, family, celebrities, and influencers and are continuously accessing various channels multiple times a day. Video marketing benefits from this behavior a lot and videos are more likely to be watched and shared.
  2. The ease with which content can be accessed across the internet makes digital marketing, especially video marketing, easy to get organic views.
  3. Brands now rely on big influencers and creators as many people like purchasing a product just because it is recommended by a big creator or their favorite influencer. Videos are instrumental in making the most of this attitude.
  4. Videos are more interactive and responsive because it has both audio and visual that makes the advertising effective, which clearly dominates other forms of advertisement.
  5. People like to watch videos on all types of social media which is also a reason why video marketing is a smart move.


Do businesses really need video marketing?


  • Videos help the customers to understand better about a product or a service, and hence, a user can make better decisions about it. Videos are highly informative and provide real insight into the subject matter. Businesses can use this opportunity to provide their potential and existing customers with information about their products.


  • With the advancement in technology and SEO, videos have the capability to bring in a lot of organic traffic (more than 80%). Also if the correct keywords are used along with appropriate titles then it can work wonders. Further, with the advancing algorithms, even the search engines ignore spams and support genuine content. Therefore, businesses can use this improving technology to their benefit by rolling out video content that will stand out and rank higher in the searches.


  • Companies are dealing with fierce competition and staying ahead in the market is a challenge. An entertaining video, which explains and interacts with the customer, has higher chances of getting more attention over the other content. Businesses can use it handle the competitive burden.



Videos are an interesting and unique form of content and the truth is, it will stay like that for the foreseeable future. The modern business landscape is about creating a personal relationship between the brand and the customer. Video marketing has established itself as a whole in a very short time and can be easily seen on almost every social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more. It is also becoming a good earning source for many creators, thereby, enhancing its popularity. Video marketing is a win-win opportunity for the customers and businesses alike and if you are counting on it then kudos. You are billionaires too.