Voice Search is Taking over the Day-to-Day Life

Voice Search is Taking over the Day-to-Day Life

Artificial intelligence-powered voice assistance needs no introduction. Typing has already lost the battle against much superior voice assistance. According to a report, the new generation voice assistance is three times faster than the typical human typing speed. For a modern-man, typing is becoming too complex after experiencing the simpler voice-search. Visionaries are predicting that there is no going back to any form of typing in coming days.   

To give you a perspective, now experts are comparing the evolution of voice search to that of a personal computer, which speaks volume for itself. Voice search is becoming an integral part of human life. Therefore, most of the operating systems are providing their own voice assistants. They are working hard to improve and optimize their voice search-engines on a daily basis. With each update, the search engines are getting better.

Here is how this evolution is affecting our daily lives:

  1. Clearing your doubts is just a voice-command away.

Much like a human friend the virtual assistance, having its own intelligence, is capable of clarifying any of your doubt in a second. A study suggests that by 2020, around 50% of human internet searches will be through voice. The study also reveals that more people are expected to use voice-search for online shopping in the near future and the industry is predicting sales of $40 billion through voice search by 2022.


  1. Search engines are taking it seriously.

Voice search has emerged as a new type of organic search for search engines and the service providers are taking it seriously. Today, almost all reputed and reliable search engines are providing a voice search facility. There is no doubt that the voice search is a boon for humanity and has made human life easier. Thanks to the cell-phone revolution, the internet is accessible from any corner of the world and so is the voice search.


  1. The endless tasks that it can perform.

Voice assistants perform a variety of tasks in our day-to-day life. If you want to message your friend, simply ask your Google assistant to do it and it will do it. Similarly, if you are feeling bored, just give a command to Alexa and it will play a song for you. You can even talk to your Siri for the whole night like you do with your best friend.


  1. Hands-free and eye-free.

The best part is that voice assistance works hand-free and eye-free. Therefore, people having physical and visible disabilities can use voice assistance with ease. Technology is such a dynamic thing. As a result, we can interlink voice assistance with our home appliances. With one command one can operate electronics items like fan, light, and AC. These small things make human life easier and much simpler. Recently, some modern automobile manufacturers have started to provide voice command facility in their vehicle. It also saves us from the harmful effect of screen radiation.

As voice search is built on advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence, it allows personalized responses according to the situation. Humans have done a tremendous job in the last decade in terms of evolution of voice search; however, there are still some untouched aspects of it that we can expect in the days to come. Some are,

  • Voice command for differently-abled vehicles.
  • Voice payment facility.
  • Work without “Wake” command like Hey Siri and OK, Google.
  • Integration to various other appliances.
  • Provide more security.


On the downside, there are also some issues that need to be addressed. Privacy is one aspect that needs to be improved. Some people complain that due to wide use of voice search, privacy has been compromised. A conspiracy theory even states that the operators are able to hear your command and that is a serious security breach. Nevertheless, companies like Apple and Google are ensuring that the voice is recorded only to improve the customer’s experience and give them a hundred percent satisfaction.

The future seems great for voice assistance. Humankind is trying to integrate the voice search as much as possible in their daily routine. For more insights, watch this space.