What started just as blogs or YouTube videos has established itself as a major marketing arena within a short time. Content is ruling the marketing industry and content marketing has emerged as one of the leading strategies that have the capability to change the fate of your business.

There was a time when businesses were pushed to venture into content marketing to stay competitive. The modern business landscape, however, is more about doing it right. This is because there is huge amount of content on web while the attention span is finite. It is unlikely that content will cease to expand in the future. Therefore, the content marketing in the present scenario is about doing it right.

  1. See it as More than Content

Content has expanded and if you still see it as just ‘content’, you might be mistaken. Bill Gates rightly foresaw the internet as marketplace for content and it might be the reason that businesses started leveraging the power of it. It worked for a while but now that web is flush with all kinds of content, it is becoming stagnant. Once driven by buzzwords and keywords, the content industry now is more about what entertains, educates, and inspires people. The only content that will work in the modern scenario is which deploys the new skills and new perspective.


  1. Know and Define your Goals.

It is absolutely imperative that you know what you are trying to achieve. Marketing stands on the model that you first define your goals as driving sales or spreading awareness followed by meeting them and measuring the results. Once the goals are met, you move on to next goals. Publishers are, however, driven by same goals over time. This is their mission. They strive to achieve it and keep achieving it again after it is met once. The right content marketing will be the amalgamation of these two strategies where you know and define your mission but you also stand for something. You should have something to offer to the world.


  1. Hold, not Grab, Attention.

Grabbing attention is easy, holding it is a task. You must not still think in the terms of sales funnel. Rather than building awareness and creating leads for your industry, think of ways where your business will get better sales. A way of doing that is not just grabbing attention but also holding it for long period of time. Focus less on catchy headlines and more on clear promises that you can offer. Keep your content readable, consistent and clear. Someone who reads even one line of it should go looking for more. And these lines should not be empty slogans, they should be the promises that you intend to deliver.


  1. Offer Something Meaningful

Good experience comes when you do not just promote the content but also deliver something meaningful. Each brand has value to offer and the idea is to present it in a compelling manner. If consumers see something meaningful, they will accept your brand promotion too. Nike is leading by example in this area by have phenomenal relationship with top athletes and bringing forward their stories. Value exchange has to be genuine or it will fail. Even the metrics are meaningless if your mission is not met.


  1. Content Skills Matter.

Lastly, forget the content strategy. You need to get your hands on content skills. Content marketing paradigm is shifting and which is why your strategy will fail if it lacks skills. Clever taglines need to be replaced by positive experiences. You have to put your mission before metrics for a while. You need to shift your focus from sales pitches to delivering value, the rest will fall in place.

There is not shortcut or magic strategy to do content marketing right. It is an art and you will need a lot of patience to make it work. Learning how to do it is first step towards doing it right. Know more about it here at MarkSpace Media blog.