UX design is in the process of rapid change and is increasingly finding applications on a number of digital platforms. Leaders in the industry are adapting to new design strategies to keep up with transformation occurring due to the increased popularity of UX interfaces. In mere two years, it has brought revolution in the world of digital technology and the modern digital landscape is flush with new possibilities.

In 2019, UX is expected to hold a center stage in the companies and it is likely to go mainstream. It is expected to become mandatory in order to retain and improve the business/customer relationships. Here are a few trends that are likely to dominate UX design this year.

  1. Voice User Interface

Google Home and Alexa are already becoming the favorite of people. Voice UI allows users to enjoy a faster and easier way of controlling their digital devices. A study by ComScore suggests that within the next two years, as much as 50% of the total searches will be carried out through voice UI. There is significant change occurring in our way of interacting with digital devices with the advent of the voice user interface. It is already a huge boon for the visually impaired and illiterate web users.


  1. Simple Authentication Methods

The present world is doomed by the password problem as we are constantly in a struggle to form passwords that are secure but easy to remember. Despite this, almost every day we have to recover our passwords to login to some online portals. UX design is expected to end that. We can see a rise of simpler login methods that won’t require passwords and will use methods like biometric authentication, temporary passwords, or magic links instead. These methods are already in use across many platforms and it is only expected to surge.


  1. Improved Privacy

GDPR implementation in Europe has led the organizations across the globe to reconsider their privacy agreements and there is more stress on data and its ownership following that. The law, albeit restricted to Europe, has to be followed by all organizations that are likely to interact with users or organizations of Europe. This means almost all big organizations have to follow it. New UX designs implement improved privacy and therefore, allow even the smaller organizations to expand to other countries including Europe.


  1. Personalized User Experience

Gone are the days when the users were happy with the mass-produced content. 2019 requires the markets to provide users with experiences made especially for them. People prefer everything tailored just for them. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is making it easier. Netflix already uses the algorithms to make a suggestion for its users. 2019 will see a rise in the use of data-based design and make the experience more useful for the users.


  1. More Use of Gestures

The improved UX designs will make more use of gestures on touch sensitive devices. This is why more and more devices are losing home buttons, both in physical form and form screens. Specific gestures are meant to navigate you across the devices. It can already be seen in iPhone X and Google Pixel 3.


  1. Multiple Connected Devices

In the next two years, the number of connected devices is expected to increase. It has been estimated that by 2020, there will be over 6 connected devices per person. The rise in the number of smart devices is changing the way we use and interact with online information. The latest trend is a multi-device experience. UX design will bring more dynamism to the world of connected devices.


  1. Rise of Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are expected to go mainstream by 2020 and 2019 will a substantial rise in the number of these devices used by people. Smartwatches, wearable health devices, and Apple watches are some examples. Wearable technology will be more convenient to use with the improved UX designs.

UX design is gaining ground and in the coming years, it will change the way we interact with digital devices. It is giving way to unexpected innovations and technologies. For more insights, watch this space.