Content is the gist of all marketing and business promotion. Good content has the capacity to take your business to the new heights and at the same time, bad content can bring you down. Now the question is how do you know that writing is of good quality? Of course, when you read it, you know it is a good copy. But on what parameters do you measure the quality of it? This article will briefly discuss 7 characteristics that make a copy brilliant.

                 1.Logical and Structured

  1. Nothing puts a reader off like unorganized and illogical writing. A brilliant copywriter is one who knows what to write and how to do it. A good copy is clear right from the beginning and has a summary of whole content in the first paragraph or the introduction itself. This is even more crucial when you are writing anything for the web because the readers focus more on the first two paragraphs.

    Also, it is important to logically organize the information in the copy. The transition between two different ideas or paragraphs must be very smooth. Finally, the conclusion must summarize the whole article in a concise manner. It can be used to for call-to-action too.


    1. Purposeful

    Before beginning to write a copy, you must know that what is the purpose of writing the content. Therefore, always get any additional information you might need to write it. A good copy is purposeful, knowledgeable, and concise. Good writers consider SEO and keywords in their writing while making sure that they fit in seamlessly.


    1. Flexible-format

    A good copy is one that can easily take the form of the platform it is shared on and the organization it is written for. Therefore, it is important that a good copywriter should produce a copy that fits in the company’s style. By doing this, when there are more than one writers at work for a particular organization, it is possible to produce different types of content with the same overall tone and consistency.


    1. Conversational Tone

    The copies written in the conversational tone tend to attract more readers than the other ones. A good copywriter always addresses their audience directly. To know how much formal or informal you can be is important, nevertheless. It is recommended that you avoid using complex jargon as not all your readers may understand it. While using simple language is good for comprehension, you must not dumb the things down too much.


    1. Original

    The originality of a copy will get you more readers than ever. However, it is not possible to give new information in every copy as there is a lot of content written on the same topics. Therefore, the key here is to write about the same topic but in a fresh way and avoiding clichés. See how others are writing on similar topics and make sure you don’t repeat the same things. Instead, bring in a unique value proposition to your writing. In simple words, do the same things but differently.


    1. Balanced in Word Count and Quality

    This is important when you are required to meet a certain word limit. While as a writer you are obligated to meet the word limit but it should not come at the cost of quality. Don’t just go on stuffing words in order to hit a certain word limit. Be succinct in your writing while meeting the word count. This will add value to your copy and readers are more likely to read copies that have something of value to offer.


    1. Perfectly Worded

    Finally, use just the perfect words in your copy. This accounts for good lexical resources, grammar, and spellings. It is important to use the language that fits is just right and doesn’t look too less or too much for the readers.

    A good copy leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Therefore, it is always a good idea to invest in good content. It increases rates of conversion and gets more clients. It puts a great positive impact on the readers and therefore, puts you at an advantage.