B2B marketing means business-to-business marketing which includes the audience that represents the company or organization. In B2B marketing we do marketing of products or services to other businesses or organizations for use in office operations, production of goods and/or resale to other consumers. You can say that B2B marketing is a process that includes a series of steps or phases that occur when one business sells a product or service to another business. B2B marketers play a very important role in an organization as marketing is an extremely important part of generating leads, customers and customer’s interests for a B2B company or organization.

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach to generate the interest of consumers in your products or services. The content can be in the form of articles, blogs, email marketing, social media posts, videos etc. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to get a clearly defined right audience and to acquire profitable consumer action.

B2B content marketing is a strategic approach used by B2B marketers to generate content for your business audiences. In B2B content marketing you do not write for the users, you write for the other business or organization who are involved in your business. For example, a company who makes watches gets different materials that are used in making watches from different businesses. So here different businesses are involved with this one company who makes watches. B2B content marketing generates content for the businesses that are involved in your business to expand your business’s right audience and develop your brand understanding and retaining loyal consumers for your business.

The most effective types of B2B content marketing are ebooks, white papers, case studies, blogs, articles and social media posts. It is very obvious that ‘content is king’ in B2B content marketing. The content must be of high quality and should contain relevant and valuable information that is of interest of the target audience. It is the responsibility of B2B marketers to make sure that they publish high-quality content regularly. If you are not active in generating and publishing content then it will give you no benefit. Publishing good and high-quality content regularly helps you to attract more audiences and help your target audiences to build trust in your business.

We have discussed what B2B content marketers should do to hit the right audience. Now let’s focus on what B2B content marketers should not do. A good content marketing approach does not involve selling products or services and interruption marketing. Interruption marketing is an annoying way of promoting products or services in which you promote your product through continued advertising, promotion and sales. For example, you are watching a video and after every two minutes, it stops and starts showing an advertisement for promoting any product or

service. This is what interruption marketing called. Telemarketing calls, mail campaigns etc. are all examples of interruption marketing. It irritates the audience and in the end, the audience turns off the video and may switch to another video.

The main purpose of B2B content marketing is to focus on solving problems and providing good quality and valuable content to the audience that will help in acquiring the right and loyal audiences to your business and also help your target audience to build trust in your products or services. Andrew Davis said “Content build relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

B2B marketers must make ensure that your brand is in the consumer’s consideration set, means you are targeting the right audience and generate quality content so that the audience gets involved in a meaningful manner with your brand. For every organization, it is very important to include content marketing in their marketing strategy because content marketing has become one of the extremely important elements that build trust in the relationship between consumers and brands and provide your brand with loyal consumers and which ultimately generate leads and drives revenue.