Success in the modern business world depends highly on how well the companies are able to utilize the data and insights from their past. This is precisely why business intelligence and analytics have gained so much popularity in the last few years. Since the business world is becoming increasingly competitive, business intelligence and analytics can help you outperform your rivals by providing you a deeper understanding of market scenario and needs of the customers.

Using business intelligence and business analytics can help you understand what has helped to achieve better ROI in the past and what can you do to improve it in the future.


What is business intelligence?

The term business intelligence (BI) refers to the usage of different techniques and tools to gather, analyze, and present raw data so that it can be used to create actionable insights and information. BI comprises data mining, online analytical processing, querying, and reporting. In simple words, BI is concerned with how and what has happened in the past. It makes use of software to recognize any past trends and patterns in order to identify some prominent information that can affect decision making.

What is business analytics?

Business analytics, on the other hand, deals with reasons behind what has happened in the past. It uses the past data to break down it into whys of major patterns. The techniques used in analytics deal with discovering the factors behind the business performance. It is more concerned with using this information to make predictions of future happenings in the business. Therefore, if based on past data the future doesn’t look so good, the company can implement changes that will enhance the business output.

Benefits of implementing business intelligence and analytics

Implementation of business intelligence and analytics has plenty of benefits. The one thing that drives them all is the power of knowledge. Here are the five main benefits of using BI and analytics for your business.

  1. A better understanding of customers

The first benefit is getting to know your customers better. Today’s customer needs their service providers to understand them better. It is crucial for businesses to understand customers’ needs and preferences so that they can deal with them accordingly. BI and analytics allow the companies to study the old data and know about what customers expect from them. This also makes marketing more effective. All this combined leads to greater customer satisfaction.


  1. Improves ROI and performance

To improve the business performance and therefore, ROI, companies need to analyze and dig deeper into what drives their staff and what efforts on the part of the organization brought good results in the past. This information from BI and analytics can allow businesses to set goals and achieve them with a proper plan.


  1. Better insights into sales trends

The past data can also be used to study the sales trends and then, to design marketing strategies that will generate maximum sales. For example, the data can inform you about what is the maximum sold item and which quarter sees the maximum sales. You can use this information to further enhance the outcome of the sales.


  1. High operational efficiency

Operational efficiency refers to the effectiveness of backend operational processes and disparities. The past data on what caused the issues can help you to get a better understanding of how to avoid them in the future.


  1. Easy to provide personalized service to customers

The customers today expect a more personalized experience and therefore, do not like to be treated as a part of a huge group. They want you to recognize their personal issues and address them. BI and analytics power you with past data and trends related to a particular customer, which can be used to identify their problems and solve them.

Business intelligence and analytics have a vital role to play when it comes to improving business efficiency and risk management. We suggest the complimentary usage of both the techniques to get more accurate and valuable insights. Now is the time to start implementing these methods to boost your business. Get in touch with our experts at MarkSpace Media to know more.