We met an acquaintance a few weeks back who is running his own business and as we were talking about the strategy for sustaining in this cut-throat era, he just spilled his biggest fear, the threat of being a failure and losing the traffic by lack of its presence on social media. No wonder with this thought process, “Social media is for the apparels and makeup shopping only” he wasn’t wrong because his fear would eventually turn into a grim reality and eat away his traffic.


Humans have always been able to touch lives by their social presence and with the advent of globalization and the world becoming smaller, the presence on social media is the biggest channel to touch and influence lives. Replacement of chat rooms by WhatsApp groups has, in fact, brought us closer to the different communities we belong to and feel connected to.

Today, the status quo demands that for any business to survive, social media presence is extremely vital. The end game is not just having a social media presence, in fact, that’s the beginning. Curating quality content, social media optimization, making sure that you reach the most appropriate audience, and these are few pointers that must be considered if you intend to tap social media presence whether its B2B or B2C.


 B2B marketing is a type of marketing, where one business indulges in monetary transactions with another business. For instance, a company that manufactures electronic appliances taps a chain of restaurants for buying and utilizing their appliances.

One must consider the following points before getting started:

  • What is your goal and what are you looking to achieve?
  • Measure the outreach that are the key matrices you are using to track your goals?
  • Analyzing the results and key findings 
  • Redefining your strategy 


For any business to tap social media; the following steps must be taken care of:

  1. Most relevant type of social media for your business:

For analyzing your goal and deciding the course of action further, it’s equally important to understand the types of social media platforms available at your disposal. Having said that, today in the world of digitalization, social media platforms are quite readily and easily approachable, but the game is to select an appropriate medium that suits your nature of business. The social media platforms that are available and accepted majorly are: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube 


  1. Tapping the right target group:

For any business to sustain or grow through social media, it’s highly important to tap the right target group. To make it reach the right audience will only lead to effective and efficient results. 


  1. Understanding the Market Persona and the competitors:

The trend that is hot in the market must be understood and strategies must be planned to acclimatize with the trends and scenarios, however, your plans and actions must differ from your competitors. Hence to understand the market persona and what does the competitor serves on the table is significant. 


  1. Build your Brand:

Building a brand, authenticity, and integrity towards the brand is quintessential. To connect to masses, one must speak through them and rope in the buyer’s faith in your brand. The best way to do this is through blogs, videos, testimonials, vlogs, etc.


  1. Curate engaging content:

Content that you curate for your social media assets, should surely be engaging your targeted group. Instance, if your target audience is rural, then the content you generate shouldn’t sound geek to them, it should be simple and easy for them to understand and involve themselves in it.


These are a few important steps for any B2B to keep in mind while tapping into the social media industry. This industry is booming in today’s business environment and helps you with the following advantages: 

  • Economical Medium 
  • Helps you connect with your customers 
  • Increases brand awareness and brand hammering
  • Generates leads and boosts your sales. 


Statistics have proved that more than three billion people around the globe are connected to social media platforms, and three billion is surely not a number meant to be ignored. Social media is not a passing trend, it’s here to stay.