It is the start of the new year, the time for goals and resolutions. Now is the best time to set the goals that you intend to achieve for your business. Why not make 2018 your year and increase your profits by outsourcing the processes that are overwhelming you to an external partner.

Choosing to outsource your processes to an external partner can be very useful irrespective of whether you are a small start-up or a fortune 500 company. Let us talk about some of the services that you can outsource.

B2B Services:

Content Syndication

This tactic can be used for better content distribution, it helps you become a thought leader in your chosen field. This process helps you push your content such as blog posts, videos, articles, or any other form of digital data to a third party that will republish your content on their own website. Content syndication can help you grow your audience especially if you are a fairly small publisher or an upcoming author. It can also help to increase the amount of traffic that you generate for your site. In addition, content syndication is very helpful when it comes to improving the SEO of your site.

Why should you outsource content syndication?

If content syndication is not one of your core skills it may be very difficult for an individual or even a company to find the right third party who will be willing to republish your content. In addition, if you are new to an industry it may take time for you to establish yourself as a thought leader and get someone else to republish your content. If you outsource this process to a third party you can gain a lot from your outsourcing partner as they will have already established relationships with many publishers from different fields who are willing to republish your content.

Lead Generation

The generation of leads is one of the only ways in which you can keep your sales funnel full and ensure that your company will have a constant flow of profits. Gone are the days when the sales team could rely on an individual’s effort in order to make a sale. Today a lead needs to be generated and further nurtured in order to have one that is sales-ready. Lead generation is not everyone’s cup of tea and most companies may not even have enough time to generate new leads as they are possibly working on other jobs that they already have.

Why Outsource Lead Generation?

By outsourcing lead generation, you can ensure that there is a constant flow of work that is coming in. You can bridge the gap between the service provider and the prospective buyer. Your sales team must focus on closing the deal while your outsourcing partner works on keeping your pipeline full.

Appointment Setting

This is one of the most important processes that will help you connect with a prospective client and close a deal. It is key that you reach the right decision maker in order to expedite the sale process towards your favour. To do this, you have to first get through the barriers to the decision makers such as the secretaries or receptionists. Cold calling can be difficult but with the right execution of the initiative calls you will be able to zero down on your target in no time.

Why Outsource Appointment Setting?

Not everyone has the skill required for appointment setting. Appointment garnering experts have an in-depth understanding of this process. They know that they will not be able to connect with a decision maker on the first call. Appointment setting is a job which requires a certain amount of skill and persistence. Appointment setting service providers have a methodological approach to the whole process and ensure that they reach the key decision makers or influencers.

Event Traffic Optimization

Having a business event or organizing a webinar can be a tedious task, add to it the need for drawing a big enough audience to your event can be stressful to the organizer. Sometime your target audience may not really be able to reach your event merely due to the fact that they didn’t know it was happening. This makes it necessary to find a way to direct your target audience towards your event.

Why Outsource Event Traffic Optimization?

Companies such as MarksSpace Media know exactly what you need when they offer you this service. All you have to do is give them your requirements and they will get you enough traffic for your event. In addition, they will also have a list of people who have signed up for your event and follow up with them 24 hours in advance to make sure that your event is on the top of their mind.

Account Profiling

It is better to know your customer before you approach them yourself, account profiling helps you get the entire know-how of your target accounts. This will help you strategise your approach towards them and ensure you get the right business opportunity with them.

Why Outsource Account Profiling?

It is not always possible for your marketing or sales teams to take the time and look for information about a target company. They could also waste a lot of time going back and forth due to various inaccuracies. When you outsource this process you can get current and authentic information about your target company. You can also customize the information that you need so as to use it to your advantage.

Outsourcing helps you focus more on your core business while getting experts to help you with the secondary tasks.