With growing business comes a huge number of issues, responsibilities, and tedious work to do. In such a scenario, wasting your valuable time and resources in hiring new people might not be a good idea when there is already a wonderful alternative to that. The modern business landscape has given birth to recruitment outsourcing, which can be defined as the process of hiring a qualified team of individuals who are well-trained in the hiring process and therefore, help you in hiring the candidates that are fit for the job at your organization.

Considering a third-party recruiter can save your time, efforts, and resources, which can be used for the growth of your business instead. However, there are a few parameters that you must evaluate your recruiter on before giving them an important job of hiring people for you. After all, human resources are the most important aspects of any business. Here is what you must find out about your recruiter.

  1. Find out their internal turnover rate.

Start with finding internal turnover rate. In the world of easy communication and the internet, it is not difficult to find out enough about a hiring agency. Look at the employee turnover rate trends. The idea behind this is that people who are not passionate enough about their job may hardly care about your business. However, those who love what they do will make sure that the candidates they choose for you are also equally passionate and skilled. Better the turnover rate, more skillful is your recruiter.


  1. The sourcing strategy they use can tell you a lot.

Next, you must also determine through meetings and other inquiries the methods they use to source their candidates. Make sure that they are not just the job portals and LinkedIn because that is where most of the non-competent recruiters go. The recruiter you are looking for should go beyond the job portals to find candidates that might fit in the job you are offering.  They must have a proper sourcing system to make sure that they don’t miss the right talent. They should know how to connect with even passive candidates.


  1. What they do about finding a candidate’s cultural fit?

Further, finding the candidate’s cultural fit is something that not all recruiters do and is yet one of the most important qualities recruiting talent. Cultural fit is important for the long-term benefit of the organization as well as the candidates. People who do not culturally fit in a company do not stay longer. The right candidate should be able to adopt the organization’s culture and make a positive development. And as a recruiter, it is their duty to find those who fit.


  1. Team dynamics matter.

Team dynamics are more important than they appear to be. Candidates can very easily judge if your recruiters are working against each other or helping each other do a better job. This gives them an impression of how your company culture might be. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that recruiters’ team dynamics are positive and cordial.


  1. Social media skills in the modern business landscape are crucial.

In the modern business landscape, social media has a big role to play in every aspect including recruitment. Your recruiters should be able to harness the power of social media completely to perform brilliantly at their job. This will include all processes including sourcing the right candidate to staying in touch with them till the end. Social media tools are a great help in maintaining a relationship with the candidates.


  1. Recruiter’s overall knowledge of the process

Most importantly, your recruiters should have good knowledge of the whole recruitment process and must have a system in place to carry it out efficiently. They must have people assigned to particular jobs who are best at them. Find out more about them from the companies they have previously worked with.

The bottom line is that recruiting a recruiter can be a real game changer for your business provided that you have a right team working for you. For more information on recruitment outsourcing, watch this space.