The competition in the software development market is fierce and organizations are constantly making efforts to hit their target. Outbound marketing is no longer producing acceptable results. In order to achieve more leads for software development projects, it is vital to build a strong inbound pipeline. The reason being that your potential prospects are already surfing the web for solutions. The only target you have now is that they must find you.

The specific strategies to achieve this aim will vary for each organization. However, there are some strategies that will remain the same at the core. Here are six strategies that will help you to score more software development leads.

  1. Create cornerstone content.

The core of your website is cornerstone content. It is where the online surfers land while searching for anything based on SEO and core keywords. For instance, if your business’s core function is mobile application development for small business, then your cornerstone page can be ‘Mobile App development for Small Business’. These words will be then targeted by Google search and you will be able to capture leads who are searching for this term. It is suggested that you prioritize these pages instead of other pages like ‘about us’.


  1. Supplementary content must be published regularly.

Secondly, you must consistently publish the content online that links to your cornerstone content. This strategy helps in bringing search engine authority to your cornerstone content. Since your webpages will rank higher in search engine results, you will score more leads. However, make sure that this content has some value to offer and should not just talk about your products. Provide insights into buyer options and other industry concerns.


  1. Implement social media strategy.

Once you have content in place, your next target is to post consistently on social media channels. Social has emerged as a powerful marketing tool in recent times and the businesses that are leveraging its power are riding high on success. Create an optimal social media strategy to boost your content. Promote your blogs and other content on various social media platforms. Take help of the scheduling tools like HootSuite schedule your posts in advance.


  1. Paid ads play a significant role.

Paid ads can boost your business significantly if used strategically. Our advice is that you identify your targeted audience and track visitors who visit your page through paid content. Now test the different variations to find out what brings the best results. Keep the budget small until you have identified a strategy that brings results. Later, make larger investments in the strategy that brings the best output and keep repeating.


  1. Optimize your website.

Having a website and putting content on it regularly will not bring results until you have optimized it. Add triggers like call-to-action (CTAs) to send visitors to conversion pages. Also, make sure that your content has a strong value proposition. Add interactive demos and videos that will inspire the users. Think of your website as a continuous project that will need regular updating.


  1. Lead nurturing should follow lead generation.

Last and the trickiest part is keeping your leads interested. Once you have generated the leads, it is time nurture them and convert them into customers. If not paid enough attention, this can result in missed opportunities because the competition is the market is huge. Keep in touch with them regularly to know where they are in the buying cycle and implement strategies to push them down the sales funnel.


Lead generation is all about your relationship with the leads. To accelerate your lead generation efforts you need to make your business stand out online. Above listed strategies have proven to improve lead generation for many leading businesses and can be of a great benefit to you. Our experts at MarkSpace Media specialize in lead generation for all kinds of businesses. You can reach out to us for more insights or if you need help with designing your own lead generation strategies for software development projects.