Ever since the inception of digital space, the landscape of the marketing world has changed exponentially. From the difficult times of generating leads through highly expensive paid sources like newspapers, television, hoardings, etc. to today, where generating organic leads via digital marketing is as efficient as it gets. And the boost it has provided to the sales is reflecting crystal clear on the statistics of annual reports. However, it is quite essential to know the dos and don’ts of the game before you actually play it. Here are the steps to consider following when you require the leads to commence in a good number and be converted to sales as well:

  • Create a Website
    • There can not be a better way to give your product/service/company some credibility and global exposure.
    • Your website must be smartphone and desktop friendly. 87% of websites today are opened on smartphone devices.
    • The websites visitors become easy leads and high potential customers especially if the site has a great FAQ page.


  • Have a Mobile Application
    • A mobile app is capable enough to get you a number of leads by having the users provide their details like e-mail and phone numbers at the time of registration.
    • If you use software like i-frame, such apps can be created for free right from your website.


  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO
    • No traffic equals no leads and no leads equal No Sales. Hence, it is necessary to optimize your website and have it listed at a good spot on search engines.


  • Use LinkedIn & Quora to draw traffic
    • LinkedIn is a business-centric professional platform with a number of profiles that may be potential leads.
    • Be active on Quora and answer questions related to your field. Those answers bring traffic to your profile and in turn, to the website eventually getting converted to leads as well as sales.


  • Use Social Media
    • Facebook and Instagram allow quite narrowed down targeting of the audience as per one’s needs at a very little expense which can turn out to be extremely useful.
    • YouTube channels and blogs are also a great way to engage your TG with higher chances of conversion.


  • E-mail Marketing
    • E-mails are definitely a good way to tap, especially the warm leads. You can easily follow up and provide assistance to your leads.
    • Make sure your e-mail stands out of the crowd in order to avoid entering the lead’s spam box unread. Try to go for a catchy subject line and a personalized approach.

It takes a very smooth approach when the leads are in the sales pipeline in order to have a higher conversion rate. One wrong move and your lead might turn cold. There are a few things that a marketer can do to convert their leads into sales.

  1. Offer an incentive. We all know how much we like freebies so make sure to include them for your leads to attract them into making the purchase.
  2. Tap on your product’s ROI potential. If your product has a considerable return on investment potential, why not use it to draw customers?
  3. Take simple but smart follow-ups. Do not spam your lead’s mailbox but assure them that you’re there to help with anything anytime. Do NOT make the leads wait.
  4. Qualify the leads and set a time limit. You must know whether your lead is hot, warm or a cold one. Set a limit of a certain amount of time like a month or two, and then drop the cold leads to save yourself some valuable time.
  5. Monitor your sales pipeline. It gives you a unique overview of sales data enabling you to understand and focus on the cases that specifically need your attention from the entire process.


Sales is neither a complete science nor a gift. It is the perfect emulsion of a personal touch blended craftily in the science of selling and with digital marketing in the play, all you have to have is internet! After all, it always works like William James said, “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”