There are no shortcuts to success. To reach the top of your career, you need to pour in hours of hard work and have to have a keen eye for knowledge. Connections and networking can find you a place in work industry but making your way to the top of it depends on how much work you do and how smartly you do it. It is very evident that there are only a few who are able to reach the top in their careers. These are those few individuals who do the right things in right way. Here we have discussed a few tried and tested suggestions that will surely help you to go places at your work.

  1. Take the charge. Lead by example

You can still be a leader even if you are at the bottom of your hierarchy. By being a leader we mean to take the charge. Be the one who is self-motivated and motivates the whole team. This will help you cooperate better with your colleagues. Never lose confidence and always keep your morale high irrespective of the good and bad times you may encounter at your work.

The important thing here to remember is never to instruct your colleagues. You are not their boss and they may not take it well. Even if you are at a higher level in the hierarchy to someone, avoid instructing them. Always make a request. Taking the charge means taking the responsibility of roles that you are assigned and do the needful.


  1. Bring innovation and new ideas

Ideas are the fuel that runs the corporate world. Come up with good ideas to improve the work, business, or the system at work. But don’t overdo it. Make time for brainstorming to find ways to increase productivity and pass them on to your boss.

You can be at the bottom of the hierarchy but still, bring the best ideas. This will make you stand out among rest of the employees. Your ideas can be used by the company to bring out something great. If your ideas are taken, don’t hesitate to take the credit for it. Taking the credit for the work you have done helps a lot in moving up the corporate ladder.


  1. Be willing to work hard and smart

As mentioned earlier, there are no shortcuts. Moving up in your career will need you to put in a lot of hard work. To reach the top of your career, you will need to make many sacrifices and you should always be ready for that.

Always be ready to work hard and smart. Put enough effort that is important but avoid doing something in a difficult way that can be done in some easier manner. That is what smart work is about. Don’t rely much on connections to move up because you might not be able to retain that position for long if you haven’t earned it.


  1. Don’t scheme more than needed

Planning is important. It is absolutely necessary to make strategies and plans for work that you aim to do. But don’t put in too much effort and time in doing that. Making plans is crucial but it is the work that you do that will take you to the heights. Investing too much in planning, scheming, etc. will take a toll on your real performance and you will run out of stamina soon. Also, don’t play games to outsmart or impress someone. Your superiors will immediately identify that and they will find it hard to trust you at a top position.


  1. Enhance your skills

Always make time to enhance your skills from time to time. Stay updated according to the need of the hour and make efforts to learn new things that you think are important for your work. This will tremendously increase the quality of the work you deliver and will be a great step in taking you to the top.

In simple words, for making it to the top of the corporate ladder you need to do the right things with right strategies. Work hard and smart to deliver results that are beyond what is expected of you and you will soon see yourself on the top of your career.