The changes in technology are so rapid today that while you are still getting to know a recent advancement, another new technology is already out there. The speed at which the world of technology is evolving is exponential. The businesses based on technology don’t evolve at the same rate but they still are developing at a good pace. To survive in the modern world of business and technology, one has to be constantly in the process of learning.

To be updated with the latest trends is not a choice anymore but a necessity to survive. Therefore, if you are a business that depends extensively on the latest technological advancements, you need to stay updated. Here are 7 emerging technology trends that you should watch in 2019 to stay at the top of your game.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic and there is already enough buzz about it. AI is changing the way we see the world and interact with it. It refers to computer systems that are capable of mimicking human intelligence and perform tasks in a manner similar to humans. This includes image recognition, speech and pattern identification, and decision making. The technology is diversifying and its branches like machine learning are developing into an industry in itself. AI is set to revolutionize not only the world of business but that of a common man too.


  1. Machine Learning

What once was conceived as a branch of AI, is now slowly making its way to become an industry in itself. It refers to the ability of computer systems to learn from their past behaviors and performs tasks which they were not originally programmed to do. Data analysis and insights form the basis of machine learning and it is giving birth to neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning.


  1. Blockchain

Blockchain is much more than cryptocurrencies, unlike what it is generally thought of. It is a chain of data which can only be added to and no changes can be made to previous blocks of data once added. It is a decentralized system with no one node approving all transactions across it. It is a revolutionary technology that is diversifying and is finding applications in almost all sectors. Still, in infancy, blockchain has the capability to dominate the world.


  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) refers to a technology that immerses the user in a life-like virtual environment. For example, 3-D video games and virtual adventure simulators. Augmented reality (AR) refers to technology that enhances the environment. For example, Pokemon Go game. Both these technologies are likely to find huge applications in entertainment, education, marketing, and rehabilitation.


  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is another technology that is automating jobs. It makes use of software to complete the business processes like interpreting applications, processing transactions, and even communication like replying to emails.


  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to technology where the household smart devices like TV, AC, or even fan can be controlled via the internet. This enables the users to control these devices from even a phone and exchange data. This is why new devices come with WiFi connectivity.


  1. Cybersecurity

Lastly, cybersecurity is likely to evolve to become more robust. It is not something new but frequent hacking makes it a field that needs regular updating. As long as hackers are there, cybersecurity will keep evolving.


While technological advancements in 2019 are not limited to the seven technologies we discussed above, these domains have the most potential at present and in the foreseeable future. For a business to flourish and grow, it is important to stay updated with these latest trends. Since businesses in the above-mentioned fields will see the most development, they are likely to produce a maximum number of jobs. It is, therefore, in the interest of people working in IT to start gaining these skills in order to have a bright future ahead. Keep watching this space for more insights or get in touch with us at MarkSpace now.