B2B Appointment Setting is one of the most straightforward jobs that you will need to do while expanding your business. This, however, is a job that needs sales and marketing to work in tandem. A good relationship between sales and marketing can ensure that you are not only building a list of contacts, but also getting good leads and nurturing them in such a way that some customers may even give you an exact time and date as to when you can talk to them. Imagine how happy the sales team will be with someone like that? On the other hand, if this relationship is dysfunctional it’s like money washed down the drain.

If you need to know whether your B2B Appointment Setting is working or if you need a little help by outsourcing, these 5 signs are your you.

  1. Your MQL’s Aren’t Good Enough

Marketing qualified leads (MQL) are one of the major aspects that ensure that your company is working smoothly. However, it is important that the leads gained by the marketing team are good quality before they are sent to the sales team. You must ask yourself if the lead fits your ideal customer profile, or if they are interested in the product or the service that you must sell. If the answer to these questions is “no” then the lead is not good enough yet.

Third party B2B Appointment Setting companies like MarkSpace Media provide you with leads that are bottom of the funnel, sales-ready leads. These leads can help your company in two very distinct ways.

  • They allow your sales team to close more deals, in turn, increasing the revenue of the company.
  • Your marketing team can use an MQL and nurture it further into something that is usable by the company.


  1. You Have Dirty Data in Your CRM

Think about this, you call someone who you think is a C-level employee at a mid-sized company only to find out that they don’t work there anymore, strike one, in addition, they have moved to a startup that is of no use to you, strike two, two other people have already spoken to this person it’s a duplicate entry, strike three; you’re out. How do you intend on getting more sales with this kind of information in your CRM? A B2B Appointment Setting service provider can help you with quality data that has had to go through a very rigorous Quality Check. Some of the companies also help you by going through your existing CRM and cleaning it up for you.

  1. You Don’t Have a System in Place for the Nurturing of Leads

It takes time for a lead to be considered sales-ready. No sale can be good or bad until you know that they are ready to close. They are just at separate pit stops of their buying journey and will need different kinds of approaches. If all your contacts are bottom of the funnel leads, then just pass them onto sales and let them bring the deals home. However, a lead at the top of the funnel will need way more work. Lead nurturing can help increase the total number of sales-ready leads by almost 20%. But this can happen only if you have a proper lead nurturing system in place. Not all companies are able to do this and that is where a third party B2B Appointment Setting service provider can come in very handy.

  1. You Aren’t Hitting Revenue Goals with Your Current Resources

Every company has their own set of goals that they want to achieve to grow. This is even more important for smaller companies that may not have as many revenue options or as big a client base as larger companies. If the revenue goal that you have set is not being reached you may want to consider getting a bit of help when it comes to the generation of leads to reach your company’s true potential.

  1. Your Marketing and Sales Teams Are Too Busy

This is a problem that is faced by companies no matter what the size. Although your sales and marketing teams are busy taking care and nurturing the leads that you currently have it is important that there is a steady flow of top of the funnel as well as bottom of the funnel leads so that you can keep up the stream of revenue that is flowing in. Making use of a third party B2B Appointment Setting service provider can help you do just that.

We at MarkSpace Media have a great team that can help you with B2B Appointment Setting and also help you with any other aspect of B2B Lead Generation that you may need.