Businesses are getting bolder and are launching aggressive marketing campaigns this year. 2018 was not an easy year for social media. Some social media platforms reached a stagnant stage while others came into limelight by attracting more users. No one social media platform dominates the internet and the tide keeps changing from time to time. A few years back Facebook took the world by storm and now Instagram is doing the same. People now look forward to the real side of the businesses before engaging with them.

This calls for a new strategy every year that is in line with the demand of the time. The first quarter of 2019 is nearing the end but there is still time to come up with a good strategy for the year. This article highlights the tips to keep in mind while developing a social media marketing strategy for the year 2019.

  1. Set realistic goals.

Who doesn’t want to have millions of followers on social media and see their content going viral? But that doesn’t happen in one day. Therefore, while you may be eyeing a larger share of voice on the internet, you have to start small. Start by figuring out what you want from your social media. Based on that, make a list of attainable goals. For example, you can target increasing brand awareness, achieving high-quality leads, increasing ROI, or creating a loyal fan base.


  1. Know your audience.

Next step is to know your audience better. We must warn you that making assumptions about your audience can be a dangerous thing and may cost you a lot. It is quite easy to know your customers and prospects these days. Make use of demographic data and social media analytic tools to get all the information you need to form your social media strategy. You can run age, region, or gender-based campaigns to target a particular segment of your prospects to achieve better results.


  1. Focus on social media metrics.

Further, you must pay attention to your social media metrics. The metrics that matter are more than just likes and shares. These are the ones that amount to something meaningful and bring lasting results. Examples of important social media metrics are reach, clicks, engagement, performance, and sentiment.


  1. Take a close look at your competitors.

You might want to take a look at what your competitors are doing to boost their social media reach. This doesn’t require deep research but only a surface level analysis to see what strategies they are using and what is their social media content like. This helps you to build an informed social media strategy.


  1. Invest in engaging content.

The quality of your social media content is critical to your strategy. Therefore, invest in content creation and curation. You might want to consider different requirements of each social media platform and create engaging content accordingly. It is extremely important for you to regularly share posts but you must not overdo it.

  1. Timeliness is crucial.

Whatever you do, timeliness of your activities on social media is very important. It is a two-way street. Your customers expect speedier responses from you and also want these conversations to be meaningful. Conversation and engagement opportunities must always be attended in a short timeframe. Customer care should be a priority. Find out which is the best time to engage with the audience and figure out the tools that can help you do it better.


  1. Assess your strategy frequently.

Lastly, to have a big picture of the business and in a bid to make it stronger, it is crucial to keep assessing your social media marketing strategy from time to time. Analyze your whole process and take note of what is working for you and what is not. Then, find a way to improve what is performing poorly. This should be done very frequently to ensure that the business stays strong.

Hopefully, these tips will help you refine your social media marketing strategy and reach your 2019 goals. For more tips to improve your performance online, get in touch with us now.