It will not be wrong if we call emails a revolutionary form of communication. We say that because it is the only form of digital communication that is still as much popular as it was a decade ago while other communication platforms came and went. Today, everyone with a smartphone has an email account and there is some activity happening every day. This is the reason that email marketing stood the test of time.

However, there is one problem with it. With everyone receiving multiple emails every day, how can you make sure, yours stands out? This is why you need personalized emails. Personalized emails are the ones that are addressed specifically to the recipient, much like the emails we exchange with friends and family, and sometimes bring exclusive offers to them. In this article, we dig into the benefits of personalized emails and how they help businesses grow.

  1.    Six times more effective

Statistics suggest that personalized emails sent to your customers based on the onsite data are likely to generate six times more sales as compared to the bulk emailing campaigns. This is because the products and offers suggested to recipients in personalized emails are based on customers’ browsing history on the site and items lying in their cart. Therefore, customers tend to go to your websites from email link and are more likely to buy the product.


  1.    Lower Unsubscribe rates

No one likes to get irrelevant content in their inbox so unsubscribes can’t be avoided. However, the rates can be lowered drastically by making the content relevant and valuable. That is what personalized emails do precisely. You save the customers trouble of going to vast research to find the right products.


  1.    No added operational cost

Marketing and communication are costly. Therefore, you need to get the right words and in a specific limit to appeal to your customers. Personalized emails contain dynamic and relevant content that is based on real-time data and therefore, appeals to the recipient. All this is achieved at no additional cost. Once you have set up an automation software, with minimal supervision you will be able to send emails that matter.


  1.    Various different scenarios to choose from

The content of personalized emails can be easily changed based on what you want to achieve. Depending on that you can set your constraints and frame an email that will be relevant to a customer. You can choose among different scenarios like trying to win back the slipping-away customers, strengthening your relations with customers, increase customer loyalty, etc.


  1.    Better and easier conversion rates

According to Google Analytics, businesses using personalized emails have shown four times better conversion rate than those who don’t. This ratio is calculated by dividing the number of total transactions by unique sessions from various marketing channels. It is suggestive of the fact that customers are 4 times more likely to buy through personalized emails than other channels of communication.


  1.    Improved lead nurturing

Personalized emails have the added benefit of lead nurturing. When the content appeals to a person’s behavior or interests, there are better chances of having a stronger connection that leads to conversion.


  1.    Makes you look credible

Because every time you show up in someone’s inbox you have something of value to offer, this makes you look more credible. People look at you as an expert and someone with authority. Therefore, they trust your products and services, which is a huge win in the business world. You are the first one they will turn to when they are looking for the kind of solution you have to offer.


  1.    Helpful in getting new customers

Not only do the personalized emails help in lead nurturing but also help you get new customers. When you give away some information that is relevant to someone’s need or interest, you can get more subscribers. They have better chances of conversion as well.

Personalized emails are known to improve click-through rates and increase customer engagement. It is about time that you tap into the benefits offered by them. For more information or to know how to set up personalized emails, you can get in touch with us at MarkSpace Media.